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Arturia CP-70 V

Expressive Electric Legend




CP-70 V honors the legendary Yamaha electro-acoustic piano that infused the 70’s and 80’s with a rich, warm and eminent stage sound. Combining detailed sampling with authentic modeling, cut through a dense mix or project your play-style to an audience with this perfectly recreated, iconic instrument.

Awaken the stage spirit
The apogee of 20 years of emulation expertise, the CP-70 embodies the intimacy and vigor of an electro-acoustic legend. Add piano-punch to your mix with 8 dynamic layers of sampling and advanced features for a personalized stage presence.

Half electric, half legend
Heard on countless hits across the 70’s & 80’s, CP-70 blends the authenticity and expressivity of a Grand Piano with the drive of electric pickups, for a distinctive sound that will effortlessly ascend in your mix.

A gentle giant
While CP-70 can produce an impactful sound, its illustrious finesse comes at a low cost in terms of CPU-efficiency. Play, perform and record with confidence.

Perfectly sampled, precisely modeled
The true sound of the CP-70 V is born out of a combination of exquisitely-detailed, multilayered sampling and expert circuit modeling to capture its intimate and expressive character.

A legacy renewed
The same powerfully expressive piano sound, evolved. With advanced tonality control and a fully-featured pedal rig, the CP-70 has been faithfully recreated, from the past, for the future.

Delicacy with drive
From keyboardist to producer, from stage to studio, this versatile great brings you a chart-topping 70’s & 80’s aesthetic, wherever you need it.

Fusing an exemplary recreation with advanced FX, announce yourself in every mix with gorgeous, soulful chords, tender keyed solos and charming glissando flows. Add juice to your jam with timbre and bass adjustment, detune effects, envelope parameters, vintage chorus, twin amp fx, and more.

The genesis of an icon
The CP-70 received wide acclaim after its release in 1976, and the reasons for its success were clear. Portable enough for the live tour and expressively authentic - with hammer-to-string amplification - this electrified piano boasted a form-factor, vivid sound and responsive feel that was incomparable with its predecessors.

The Yamaha CP-70’s proponents are innumerable, from George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Prince and Genesis to the Grateful Dead, Jon & Vangelis, Alicia Keys, Patrice Rushen, the list goes on. The desire for a dynamic, animated piano sound was palpable around the time of its release, and it did not disappoint. Featuring on stages and live recordings everywhere, the sound of CP-70 began to spread across the music scene. Its success was largely driven by a tour-friendly design; with detachable legs and harp, stable tuning, an optional road case and the ability to stack additional keyboards and synths on its flat top - a no-brainer for the concert luminaries.

Tried, tested & transformed
Beyond the recreation of a modern classic, CP-70 V has been enhanced with tone-bending features and FX. Color your keystrokes with warbling tremolo, pitch-perfect sharpness, atonal age or dampening to suit your style.

Full EQ
With the three-band equalizer, shape your sound to the track, the room, or the desired sound of the moment.]

Effects array
16 effects profiles to choose from to enhance and personalize the passion of your keystrokes, from spatial effects, to distortions, dynamics and sound-widening modulations.

Extensive presets
Start playing your favorite stage piano styles out-of-the-box with a curated selection of presets. From iconic and amped sound to a twangy funk attitude.

The advanced panel
Access a range of instrument, envelope and output settings for further refinement, customisation and personalized detail.

Designed to be elevated
The sound of CP-70 was carefully captured and modeled with authenticity at its core.

This dedication to reflecting the raw depth of the piano strings and precisely emulating the output stage, allows for the expressivity of the CP-70 to ring through in every note. While precise recreation is core to CP-70 V, the advanced panel and pedal rig allows you to go from raw and unrefined to completely customized at the touch of a button - dive deep into your favorite FX, velocity response, unique tuning options and modulations to create a wholly unique stage sound.

Preset library
Enjoy an expertly-crafted selection of 50 presets, and effortlessly move between classic grand, electrified vibes and detuned psych-rock keys, for a piano sound with unmistakable panache.

Definitive CP

Versatile sound that perfectly represents the CP-70 V.
Boosted Mids
Boosting the mids on the front panel adds power to the sound.
Amped CP
Chorused, compressed and amped - play around with the settings for all of those effects.

Ambient Ebow

Resonant Ebow CP. Use the envelope to shape the sound in a creative way.
Flanged CP
Effects sound great on the CP - tweak the flanger to taste, and vary the delay settings as well.
Blistering Notes
Distortion and feedback bleed through this creative EP preset. Movement adds fast ripples using the tremolo.

A tribute to the rich, mellow piano heard in Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."
Radio Star
CP-70 V preset inspired by The Buggles.
My Way
A tribute to the thickly-flanged midrange piano heard in Billy Joel's "My Life."

Main Features

  • Enhanced model of the classic CP-70 piano combining 8 dynamic layers of sampling with circuit modeling.
  • Includes additional Pedal and Key noises
  • Modeled EQ, Tremolo and Output Stage
  • Variety of presets to choose from reflecting the range of voicing possibilities.
  • Effects pedal rig with 4 slots and 16 FX profiles, including Twin AMP FX (Fender Twin or Leslie) and room ambiance selection.
  • Advanced velocity curve editor and instrument, output, acoustics and mechanical tuning options.
  • Age option to apply detune
  • Timbre shift to change the tonality
  • 50 factory presets
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