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Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 5

Achieve the perfect performance


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The Ultimate Vocal Production Studio

Elevate your vocals or dialogue with the comprehensive vocal production solution – packed with a suite of advanced vocal editing tools for professional vocal alignment, pitch correction and natural-sounding vocal doubles in seconds.

All-In-One Vocal Production Studio

Revoice Pro 5 is your comprehensive solution for vocal editing. It streamlines your workflow, allowing more time to focus on creative aspects. Match vocal characteristics effortlessly and fine-tune your vocals with surgical precision

Tighten vocal stacks with time alignment

Streamline your workflow with Revoice's advanced vocal alignment technology, SmartAlign. SmartAlign saves hours in the studio with its powerful alignment processing technology that produces tight, professional-sounding vocal stacks. With Revoice Pro, you get complete control over the alignment strength with custom parameters to suit every vocal production need.

Pitch correction and vocal tuning like no other

The most transparent, advanced pitch correction software out there. Our cutting-edge Shaper Tool allows for meticulous vocal tuning, while the innovative SmartPitch feature automatically matches your doubles and harmonies, and intuitively knows when to adjust or maintain your vocals.

Vocal doubler for huge vocals

Easily create authentic vocal doubles with our state-of-the-art feature. Missed capturing a vocal double in the studio? No problem. Revoice’s vocal doubler tool instantly generates natural-sounding natural-sounding doubles, giving you full control to craft the perfect, thick vocal stack.


NEW! Enhanced Pitch / Time / Level Editing
Advanced pitch correction tools for precise, professionally-tuned vocals fast

NEW! Shaper Tool
Shape Points on your pitch or level curve to get ultimate control over your pitch correction – and now are automatically added!

NEW! SmartPitch
SmartPitch intelligently understands when to match the pitch of your vocal performances, and crucially when not to

SmartAlign decides which section of the guide track your dubs should be aligned with – no pre-editing needed!

Automatic Matching
Automatically transfer pitch, timing, vibrato and volume inflections from one audio track to another

Vibrato Editing
Augment or diminish the length and speed of the vibrato naturally without affecting other vocals

Process Groups
Allow multiple processes to be grouped together so all parameters can be adjusted via a single panel

Level display for pitched and unpitched notes that allows you to control sibilance for a clean vocal mix

Formant Shifting
Shift the formants of your performance to change its timbre without affecting the pitch


Jam-packed with the latest pitch editing technology
Advanced pitch correction tools – including the Shaper Tool (with Smart Shape Points) and Control Points – enable you to have precise, professionally-tuned vocals fast

Time-saving feature SmartPitch
SmartPitch intelligently understands when to match your doubles and harmonies, and crucially when to maintain them. A game-changing feature if you work with lots of doubles and harmonies!

Lightning-fast integration with your DAW
Improved connection to your DAW makes Revoice Pro 5 a breeze to process your vocals – with the ability to utilize the processing power of Revoice without leaving your DAW

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