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Vienna Synchron Solo Cello Standard Library

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Vienna Symphonic Library breaks new ground with this marvelous virtual instrument, offering a solo cello that was captured in the exceptional acoustics of the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna. Blending musical excellence, emotional depth, and technical precision, this masterpiece delivers authentic and captivating performances that embody pure artistry.

The Synchron Solo Cello was performed by acclaimed soloist and one of the first chair players of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, Florian Eggner. Since founding one of today’s leading piano trios in 1997 with his two brothers Georg and Christoph, the Grammy-nominated “Eggner Trio” has performed numerous concerts all over the world (Vienna Musikverein, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Wigmore Hall London, Cité de la Musique Paris, Carnegie Hall New York).

Florian Eggner demonstrated extraordinary dedication and focus in one of the most extensive sampling sessions in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna, evidenced by the enormous number of available articulations. Short notes include a variety of spiccatos, staccatos, détachés, ricochet, and saltando. Long notes come with various vibrato styles, different attacks and releases as well as various slides. Legato variants include normal, agile, slurred, portamento, and lyrical styles. Playing techniques such as sforzato, several crescendos and diminuendos, tremolos, trills, harmonics, pizzicatos and col legno add a host of styles, tonal colors and dynamic nuances to the expressive possibilities of these software instruments.

Synchron Player Functionality Expanded!

To better match the capabilities of these instruments, the functionality of the Synchron Player has been expanded. A new Crossfade Editor allows for seamless blending and layering of two or more articulations, enabling users to fine-tune their preferred settings, such as defining the exact transition area between vibrato and non-vibrato or setting precise breakpoints between normal and rapid note sequences. Another new feature, familiar to Vienna Instruments Pro users, is the Sequence Controller, which automates switching between two or more articulations. The presets include several suggestions, but the possibilities are virtually limitless. We highly recommend experimenting with your own creations, as this is not only enjoyable but also an inspiring tool that can significantly enhance your musical expression.

In order to capture the performances in the large Stage A, Vienna’s recording engineers used multiple high-end microphone arrays, affording an abundance of options for creating your individual sound. The Full Library features three different sets of close microphones with tube, ribbon and condenser mic options, two pairs of mid mics, another ribbon pair a bit further away, as well as the Decca tree with additional surround and high surround outriggers.

The Standard Library and Full Library of Synchron Solo Violin include the same articulations. The difference lies in the number of provided microphone positions.

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