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UVI Soul Drums

A powerful, creative, and inspirational rhythm machine






  • Modern instrument design with authentic 1960s/1970s heritage
  • Deeply recorded and edited, immediate and inspiring sound
  • Highly versatile, comprehensive mix and tone controls

Soul Drums was designed to give you an immediate and inspiring drum partner, the perfect drum session anytime you need it, with advanced controls and a vintage soul, able to adapt to the changing needs of modern production.

An antithesis to the clean and clinical, Soul Drums echoes the greats of Motown with an old-meets- new foray, fusing the best of vintage and modern hardware and techniques with a forward-thinking design to create a drum instrument larger than the sum of its parts and unlike any other.

Meticulously hand-crafted kit presets let you instantly change your sound from dry to fully- produced, and tailored to genre. Meanwhile over 1000 of built-in patterns get you going instantly, with everything from '60s/’70s grooves and breakbeats to hip-hop, funk, jazz and much more.

Soul Drums sounds amazing right out of the box, but for those that want full control it goes deep, offering extensive per-drum controls, 14 mixable mics, a fully-customizable bleed matrix, per- element send effects, a bus effects rack, full multi-out, and integrated mapping presets for most electronic drums.

Starting with a hand-picked selection of drums and microphones in Studio C at The Hit Factory / Criteria Studio, the Miami-recording studio of seminal greats like James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and many more, Soul Drums was created with heritage at the forefront. We wanted an instrument that would embody the golden age of soul and allow a new generation to create within it.

In order to make Soul Drums as versatile as possible multiple drum models were sampled. The bass drums were recorded using both felt and wood beaters, and all others recorded separately using both sticks and brushes. In addition to your choice of drum models and exciters, multiple play modes are available, with up to 9 velocity layers, and up to 6 round robins for a consistently natural and fluid sound.

With award-winning engineer Eric Schilling at the helm, over 150,000 samples were recorded through the original Neve 8078 console. Editing was a slow and painstaking process, taking time to explore different directions before finding the right balance and feature set. The end result is a reflection of many years of work by a dedicated and impassioned team of creatives.

Soul Drums comes arranged across 11 pages, with a global Mix page, editors for Bass, Snare, Hi Hats, Toms, Cymbals, Percussion and Ambience, along with FX, Preferences, and the Sequencer. Edit screens provide deep per-instrument control, including per-layer volume, pan, velocity, amplitude envelopes, high and low-pass filters, and effect sends including a tape delay emulation and IR-based reverb.

For those in need of a distinctly modern edge, a digital dub layer is available on the Bass, Snare, and Hi Hats instruments, giving you 150 add-on samples per element that can be substituted or blended in to taste, and further tweaked via their own editors, allowing you to create totally unique results.

At the bottom of each edit page is the secret weapon for huge drum sounds, a comprehensive mic bleed matrix, allowing you to manually adjust the mic bleed from each signal source to all other mics, while a global mic bleed level lets you manage the overall effect.

Soul Drums provides instant inspiration with hundreds of hand-crafted kits and sequences available to explore. Browse the kits and sequences together or discretely, and if you want to further develop or customize the patterns they can be easily drag-n-dropped to your DAW as MIDI.

In addition to the built-in pattern player, Soul Drums can be easily driven via MIDI from your favorite sequencer or DAW. Soul Drums also has an integrated MIDI mapping matrix with presets for most popular electronic drum systems allowing you to play it live like the real thing.

A deeply editable modern drum instrument with vintage roots and exceptional versatility, Soul Drums is a powerful, creative, and inspirational rhythm machine.

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