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  • Modern instrument design with vintage heritage
  • Deeply recorded and edited, immediate and inspiring sound
  • Highly versatile, comprehensive mix and tone controls

Soul Bass was designed to give you an immediate and inspiring bass partner, ready to help you create the perfect sound for your track. From stripped-down classic bass and amp rigs to double- tracking with a synth bass and beyond, it's all here - with tons of room for tone shaping, dynamic performance, and plenty of built-in effects.

Make no mistake Soul Bass is a modern instrument, capable of shining in any number of mixes and musical styles. To achieve this required a careful blend of old-meets-new, supporting multiple play styles, keyswitches, amp models, and effects. The result is a powerful blend of vintage and modern hardware and techniques, presented in a way that puts your creativity first.

With a generous selection of hand-crafted presets you can instantly browse tailored studio setups to find the perfect bass sound for your project. Meanwhile, hundreds of built-in patterns are available to help kick-start your writing, all of which can be fully transposed in real time, and edited in your DAW of choice thanks to MIDI drag-n-drop. A perfect companion to Soul Drums.

Soul Bass sounds amazing right out of the box, but those who want to explore will find a deeply configurable instrument - offering extensive control over both electric and synthetic bass layers, with performance and play modes, hand position, and many more extended parameters to customize not only your sound, but your performance style as well.


Starting with a beautiful 1960's Fender Jazz Bass, our sound design team worked for months to create exhaustive recordings. We captured every detail of the performance, multiple playing styles including finger, finger mute, pick, and pick mute, and numerous playing techniques like hammer, pull off, ghost, slide and harmonic. Everything was recorded string by string to capture all the different timbres to allow a virtual hand playing simulation.The end result is a bass sound that is huge in all the right places, and wanting for nothing.

With the electric bass recorded we started looking for ways to take Soul Bass to the next level, and decided to integrate a synth bass alongside it. This would end up as no ordinary synth bass, but include a massive selection of hand-picked sounds from our archives including analog, FM, physical modeling, vintage digital, and raw waves. Soul Bass can be a pure electric bass, a pure synth bass, or any amalgam that you can dream of.

Getting an electric bass and a synth bass to play nice together is not as easy as it may sound, in fact it was a radical undertaking. Phase and segment alignment alone was incredibly difficult and required the development of new tools to complete, ending up as a multi-year endeavor. The results, however, speak for themselves - with seamless layering and the possibility of all-new hybrid bass sounds, Soul Bass is like no other.

Soul Bass has been organized and styled to put efficient use and clarity at the forefront. Quickly audition MIDI patterns and get a loop running, then tweak your sound; explore presets, make discrete changes to electric and synthetic layers, adjust effect pedals, and finalize your sound with the master effects rack. The smart engine of Soul Bass combined with multiple key switches allows you to explore human-like playing modes and articulations similar to that of playing on a real bass. The result is an instrument that's as easy to use as it is versatile.

Soul Bass delivers immediate inspiration with over 150 hand-crafted presets, covering a wide range of styles and configurations. From the classic Soul sound to modern genre and everywhere in between, Soul Bass has you covered with polished sounds that are ready to print.
Vintage in all the right ways and modern in the rest, Soul Bass delivers a rich, powerful and dynamic instrument that's ready to perform for years to come.

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