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UVI Glass Orchestra

An extraordinary collection of 14 glass instruments




Sounds from an Otherworld

  • Uncover an extraordinary collection of 14 glass instruments
  • Expand your palette with unique sonic characters
  • Explore hundreds of custom presets, and create your own

An Orchestra Unlike Any Other
Ethereal, supernatural, incomparable – Jean-Claude Chapuis' lifelong passion for glass instruments has resulted in a completely unique ensemble; the Glass Orchestra at the prestigious Philharmonie de Paris. Comprised of 14 instruments, the Glass Orchestra is a vivid, one-of-a-kind excursion off the well-trodden path of convention, into an obscure otherworld of shimmery tonal percussion and haunting resonant timbres, ripe for creative exploration.

Impassioned Instruments
The instruments of Glass Orchestra are as deep and varied as they are distinct, each expertly and extensively sampled, exploring numerous playing styles from traditional to experimental. Discover an incredible range of new sounds, from delicate to thunderous, angelic to atonal – Glass Orchestra is pure sonic adventure, rich with inspiration for musicians, producers, and sound designers of any background.


Exquisitely Crafted
We approached Glass Orchestra with the utmost care. Each instrument was studied individually to find the most sonically interesting mic configurations and playing methods. The result is a singular collection, offering highly-detailed and effortlessly playable instruments each with 3 mixable mics, allowing precise sculpting of tone and presence, and the powerful expressive capabilities of native MPE support.

Sounds from an Otherworld
The instruments in Glass Orchestra may seem familiar at first glance, but on inspection their sounds are anything but typical. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes haunting, and sometimes deeply unnerving, Glass Orchestra offers an impressive range of both traditional and creative sounds, suitable for a wide range of uses.

Hardware Sound, Exemplified
The new sample-based wavetable oscillators in HX-20 give you entirely new dimensions with which to explore. Capturing the hardware in its full range, you have greater flexibility and nuance over the raw instrument sound than ever before. The best part, you still get our top-tier sample layers, with hand-crafted sounds lovingly designed here at UVI.

Creative Architecture
The rich and detailed recordings of Glass Orchestra are presented within a powerful sound design environment. From familiar synth-style amplitude and filter controls with optional True Release, to deep internal modulation, powerful macro and bus effects, and a featured arpeggiator/phraser, the sounds of Glass Orchestra can easily be enhanced or radically altered to suit manifold creative visions.

Inspirational Presets
Glass Orchestra features a large selection of factory presets, hand-crafted by the sound design team at UVI. From the pure sounds of the natural acoustic instruments, to more exotic and experimental interpretations, there are dozens of configurations available for exploration, ready to use in your productions, or as starting points for your own sound design.

14 Instruments to Explore

Available in both bowed and percussive flavors, using numerous mallets and sticks including cotton, liege, rubber, soft, soft muted, and hand. Wonderful percussion possibilities and creative slide FX.

Glass Bells
An extensive set of bells with incredible stereo response (each recorded in mono as well). Percussion-focused, utilizing mallets and sticks including cotton, hard, liege, rubber, soft, and soft muted.

Beautifully crafted playing glasses with sustained sounds from rubbing with fingers. Includes classic sustain and staccato modes, along with unconventional modes like "Truncated", and a percussive mode played with a liege.

Cristal Baschet
Huge sustained sounds available in a number of additional modes including crescendo, staccato, releases, truncated, low sustain, and percussive modes made striking both the glass and metal rods. Extensive effect possibilities.

Available in both bowed and percussive flavors, using numerous mallets and sticks including cotton, liege, rubber, soft, soft muted, and hand. Highly-crystalline sound. Includes reverse bowed samples.

Offers an extensive set of percussive options, including a number of bowed modes. Recorded individually with mono, contact, and a particularly lovely mid/side mic configuration.

Glass Armonica
Exceptionally rare Bohemian glass Armonica. Sustained, almost meditative sounds created by rubbing with fingers. Includes a number of percussive modes made with and without the rotor active, along with slide FX.

Cymbal Bells
Similar to Glass Bells with a more filtered and resonant sound. Percussion-focused instrument, utilizing mallets and sticks including cotton, hard, liege, rubber, soft, and soft muted.

Similar in style to Seraphin but richer and dirtier – utilizing large, tuned glass cylinders. Beautiful sustained sounds, with an exceptionally charactered staccato mode.

Two unique sets of chimes, one more tonal, and one more oriented towards noise/shaker-like sounds. Percussive modes including liege, metal, wood, muted, and classic glissandos with hands and sticks.

Large yet intricate, featuring high-pitched and crystalline sounds with incredible sustain. Played with sticks, including hard, soft, muted, and slide FX modes.

A charactered percussive instrument notable for its short release time. Extensive playing modes featuring a wide range of mallets, including muted and harmonic-focused techniques made on the center and edges.

Experimental instrument exploring the natural qualities of glass, played with a wide range of mallets on the tops, bottoms, and muted. Includes a special 'One Sample' mode.

Glass triangle played with liege, rubber, and finger. Available in still and rotating movements, with creative miking techniques resulting in a large stereo rotary sound.

Explore the life's work and singular creative vision of a dedicated master craftsman in this inspiring, ethereal, and one-of-a-kind collection of the world's only Glass Orchestra.


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