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UVI Effects Bundle

Powerful and Creative Audio Tools




  • Versatile, high-quality sound shaping tools with advanced DSP
  • Sophisticated feature sets, highly creative, efficient performance
  • Perfect for mixing, sound design, and more

Leverage advanced DSP, creative features, and the incredible sound quality of UVI effects to take your productions to the next level.
From the limitless potential of Shade, our forward-thinking multi-band EQ, filter, and dynamic mix tool, to the ethereal resonances of Plate, our physically-modeled electro-mechanical reverb; from Relayer, our radical 32-tap precision creative delay, to Opal, our next-gen optical compressor with deep modeling, 7 selectable algorithms, and more.

Discover The Effects Bundle

Endless Creative Potential
UVI's effects are designed to excite and empower, delivering a sophisticated tool set that stands apart from the crowd. Whether you’re working in the studio, on stage, at the office, or in your bedroom, The Effects Bundle can help you elevate your work with new and inspiring sounds, unique features, and exceptional performance, all with rock-solid reliability.

Research in Action
Representing over 10 years of R&D, UVI effects are developed to the highest standards - from DSP coded by some of the industry's brightest minds, to highly developed CPU optimization, ergonomics and usability, all the way down to preset sound design, our effects are not so much produced as they are crafted.

UVI’s development cycle is defined by curiosity and experimentation. Following our passions, charting our own path, being patient to allow concepts to mature, and doubling-down where we find new opportunities has resulted in an ever-growing portfolio of original IP, and a steady flow of exciting new tools for our users.

Incredible value
Get the best deal around with the UVI effect collection, and enjoy a generous 3-activation licensing system, supporting both physical key and computer-based activation, in whatever arrangement works best for you.


Advanced EQ and creative multi-band sound shaping environment, combining an unparalleled selection of 35 filter shapes with 10 types of modulators, allows effortless creation of effects like de-esser, flanger, phaser, enhancer, auto-pan, tremolo, compressor, dynamic EQ & drive, wah, autowah, MS processing and much, much more.
A groundbreaking journey into physical modeling delivers 7 variations of an iconic optical compressor with modernized features.
Physically-modeled electro-mechanical reverb delivers stunning sound and versatility, capable of classic hardware sounds and beyond.
Cutting-edge algorithmic reverb delivers stunning sound and ease of use, providing both extreme versatility and a light CPU footprint.
Dual Delay X
A unique approach to spatial delay provides a wide range of charactered sounds with an easy-to-master interface.
Precision multi-tap delay with extensive shaping controls, goes from subtle to extreme with elegant style and unrivaled usability.
The modern evolution of the classic rotary speaker sound. Gorgeous vintage tone, deep control and an expansive sonic range useful on any instrument.
A modern, feature-rich phaser delivering exceptional sound quality and ease-of-use.
The next generation of a classic modulation effect delivers astonishing sonic clarity, modern controls and a fast and intuitive interface.
Drum Replacer
Machine learning-based analysis drum replacement and processing utility, providing effortless audio component separation and triggering with a sophisticated realtime feature set.

Unlock a new world of creative sonic potential, leverage advanced DSP, and treat your sounds with some of the highest quality effects available with this incredible collection from UVI.

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