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Textured Piano

  • Based on the rich and powerful sound of a world-class concert grand piano 
  • 3-layer engine with 100+ customizable textures and atmospheres
  • 200+ hand-crafted presets including innovative artist series

UVI Aurora comes from the need for a creative, modern-oriented piano sound - reinforcing the piano's powerful tonal signature with a wide range of curated textural elements and atmospheres for a completely new, and uniquely expressive experience.
From playful and delicate to brooding and atmospheric, the sounds of Aurora are rich with emotion and deep with creative possibility. Explore new inspirations, create breathtaking sonic tapestries, and rediscover the piano as an innovative and definitively modern studio instrument.


Creative Multi-Layer Engine
The sounds of Aurora are threaded together with 3 discrete sonic signatures; a concert grand piano, a dual-layer texture engine, and an atmosphere layer - each deeply editable, offering unique emotional components that can be sculpted to create evocative new instruments.

An Exquisite Acoustic Grand
Aurora’s piano sound is based on a world-class concert grand recorded at the renowned Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris. This meticulously sampled piano offers an extraordinarily natural playing experience, accurately relaying the most subtle and nuanced performances thanks to a combination of deep-sampling and advanced scripting.

Textures and Atmosphere
Aurora expands on the piano's distinct sound with a curated selection of textures and atmospheres. Explore dozens of unique augmentations and custom-made sonic reinforcements, arranged in categories including: Attack, Keys, Machines, Material, Nature, Orchestra, Electronic, Keyboard, and World.

Deep Sound Design
Each of Aurora's 3 discrete sound engines is outfitted with its own editor, offering powerful and intuitive controls over source, amplitude, pitch, dynamics, and tone, while a dual LFO modulation engine and integrated Motion designer allow you to easily and precisely add movement throughout your patch.

Semi-Modular FX
The sounds of Aurora are only the beginning thanks to an all-new semi-modular effects engine. 3 customizable effect slots can be outfitted with any combination of Drive, Tone, Grains, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Redux, and Convolver, with dedicated multimode Delay and Reverb, EQ, and Limiter effects to finalize your sound. Over 50 creative preset chains are included, arranged in categories including: Cloud, Echo, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Phase, and Room.

Powerful One-Knob Controls
Quickly make broad stroke changes to your sound with powerful one-knob controls on Aurora's main page, including: Color, Dynamics, Mute, and Intensity. Here you can also quickly explore Aurora's library of effect chains, adjust overall effect mix, and set the limiter threshold. Each of these parameters make for powerful performance controls, perfect for automation.

Incredible Presets
Aurora comes with with an incredible selection of factory presets, offering unique sonic visions hand-crafted by the sound designers at UVI and some of today's most innovative piano artists, including: Julia Gjertsen, Ben Crosland, Akira Kosemura, Joe Kirby, Ole-Bjørn Talstad, Arvid Holst, and Dustin O'Halloran. Discover new inspirations, tweak to taste, or craft your own from scratch.

Aurora is a powerful and distinctly modern interpretation of the piano, offering a wide range of new sound signatures, rich with emotional resonance and new expressive landscapes to explore.

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