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Soundiron Olympus Symphonic Choir

The Ultimate Men’s and Women’s Symphonic Choir Collection




Soundiron is proud to present the absolute pinnacle of professional choir sampling: The Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection. This is a combination of our massive Mars Men's and Venus Women's Choirs, bundled together as a complete set. Olympus Collection represents the most complete and detailed choir sample library available anywhere, with sonic power and playability that cannot be matched. Olympus offers a superior range of detailed articulations, robust sonic presence and natural true legato, all at an incredible price.
This collection covers a wide range of Latin, Russian (Slavonic) and Pure Vowel content, with a full set of chromatic articulations including sustains, marcatos, staccatos, true legato vowels, clusters, falls, swells, effects and a trio of stellar male soloists. In addition to the ensemble sections, you'll also find an excellent selection of 8 soloists for each standard vocal range: bass, tenor, alto and soprano. An of course, in addition to the comprehensive selection of traditional choral articulations, you'll find a wealth of useful FX and atmospheric content that can be often vital for modern music production and underscoring.
Working with Maestro Robert Geary, we recorded over 20 days at Montclair Presbyterian, high in the forested hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, with a 63-voice hand-picked group of SF Symphony Chorus, SF Opera, SF Choral Society and Volti singers. Both Mars and Venus include a pair of wide stereo mic positions (stage/close and hall/far). These two master positions were carefully balanced and mixed using an array of 12 large diaphragm microphones set throughout the hall. This simplified routing is designed to give you the flexibility to incorporate the full-bodied sound easily and efficiently into your stereo or surround mix.
Olympus features a full 33-voice female chorus and 30-voice men's chorus, along with 8 soloists, singing in Latin and Slavonic (Russian liturgical), including a full range of standard vowel and consonant sounds. You'll also find true legato intervals for the ah, eh, oh, oo and mm vowel sounds, along with a large collection of both standard and unique choral effects (shouts, sweeps, clusters, etc.). There are 2 masterfully blended composite microphone distances to choose from and mix (close/stage and far/hall), carefully crafted from an array of 12 discreet large diaphragm Neumann Microphones. Olympus also features a unique bonus collection of Ambiences, Drones, Textures and FX content.


  • Product Version 1.5
  • 44.6 GB Installed
  • 41,821 Samples
  • 699 nki instrument presets
  • 229 nkm multi-instrument banks
  • 24 bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav format
  • Unlocked Kontakt presets and wav samples to allow user customization
  • Format(s): Kontakt 4 & Kontakt 5 .nki and pcm .wav
  • Mars and Venus also features a unique bonus collection of Ambiences, Drones, Textures and FX content, as well as a wide collection of new and classic custom convolution impulses integrated into every preset.


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