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Overloud TH-U Rob Balducci Signature Pack (Add-On for owners of TH-U Premium)

Expansion pack for TH-U Premium


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Introducing the signature collection of Instrumental Rock virtuoso Rob Balducci

The TH-U Rob Balducci Pack is an all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed with instrumental rock guitar virtuoso Rob Balducci. Rob’s go-to pedal, amplifier and cabinet setups are in this TH-U Pack.

The pack includes the following models and captures:

  • The exclusive Libra head and its matched cabinet
  • Eight amps + eight cabs captured from his favorite setups
  • Two exclusive distortion pedals: X-AC and X-BB
  • 12 backing tracks of his most famous hits
  • 20 presets with the tones used in his songs
  • Plus, one amp, two cabs and 17 effects, including overdrive, compressor, delay and modulation pedals and racks from the TH-U Premium collection

Expansion Pack

This Expansion Pack can expand the model list of an existing TH-U installation.

NEW! Libra Head and Cab

The Libra is the head designed by Rob Balducci for his main lead tones. It offers the kind of presence and sustain ideal for instrumental rock melodic solos. The picking attack is sharp and smooth, even at the higher gain settings. It should be used in conjunction with its 4x12 Libra cabinet.

NEW! Rob’s Head and Cab

The pack includes the captures of Rob's favorite amps and cabinets:

  • Fried Smallbox* 50 + Brit 4x12" with Creamback 75 speakers
  • Fend Bassman* head + 4x12" cab with G12T-75 speakers
  • Bogner* Fish + Bogner 2x12" with G12M speakers
  • Bogner* XTC + Bogner* 4x12" with V30 speakers
  • SLO100 + VHT 4x12" cabinet
  • Boogie* JP2C Petrucci* + Boogie 4x12" recto cabinet
  • Boogie* Mark IIC+ with Boogie 2x12" recto cabinet
  • Twin* Reverb with its 2x12" combo speakers
  • NEW! X-AC and X-BB Overdrive

The X-AC model recreates the tone of a Xotic* AC Booster pedal. It is a highly transparent overdrive, used as a principal gain stage for those who like an organic distortion that cleans up when you roll off the guitar’s volume. The distortion it produces is warm and open and helps articulate your most nuanced playing.

The X-BB model recreates the tone of a Xotic* BB Preamp pedal. Reminiscent of a tube amp breaking up, it is a great-sounding soft distortion and sustain pedal and it has a special place in Rob's pedalboard. It is extremely versatile, and it allows you to get a very wide range of different tones. It will work extremely well as a clean overdrive, or even something heavier like a hard rock overdrive tone.

Backing Tracks and Song Presets

The pack also includes 20 patches Rob designed for his songs, as well as 12 backing tracks you can use to play along or practice with:

  • 821 Monroe Drive
  • Amadeo
  • Child 6 22
  • Ciree3
  • Empress
  • Fear
  • Friction
  • Ring Of God
  • The Queen Of Cups
  • Trinity
  • Twelve Twenty-Four
  • Violet Horizon
  • 18 More Models

TH-U Rob Balducci also contains a complete collection of effects, amps and cabs used in Rob's albums, including one compressor, two classic overdrives, five delay/reverb effects, four modulation pedals, a Wha Wha, an Octaver, a graphic EQ pedal, a noise gate, a Whammy-like pedal, one additional amp and two additional cabinets.

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