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Overloud TH-U Made In Rock - NG30

Based on a fantastic emulation of the AC30* played by Oasis* at Locomotive Studios


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The unique emulation of the AC30* played by the band Oasis* at the Locomotive Studios.

TH-U Made In Rock – NG30 is the plug-in based on a fantastic emulation of the AC30* played by Oasis* at Locomotive Studios*. The amp is currently part of the Made In Rock private collection, which has expanded in the last 20 years through the acquisition of amplifiers, effects, guitars and other items from the stages of renowned artists such as White Snake, Noel Gallagher, Judas Priest, and many others.

The History of a Legend

A picture in the June 1995 issue of the New Musical Express magazine shows Noel Gallagher playing a heavily customized AC30 amp at the Locomotive Studios. This amplifier is now part of the Made In Rock collection. It has serial number 7368B, so the model is from mid to late 1963. It is equipped with a pair of Blue Bulldog 30W Alnico speakers.

Every Tonal and Emotional Detail Captured

The TH-U – NG30 head emulates all three Channels of the original '63 AC30. The Normal channel has a standard voicing, with a tight sound ranging from super clean to mid crunchy tones. The Brilliant channel reduces the energy on the low end and very musically adds a lot of presence and helps to balance the crunch tone. Since this is not a top-boost amplifier, it can be boosted using the overdrive pedals included in the pack. The amps Vibrato/Tremolo channel enables the modulation circuit. The selector lets you choose between the Vibrato modulation, which slightly changes the pitch, and the Tremolo modulation to recreate the classic Vox "pulsating" tone.

The built-in cabinet is based on the Vox Blue Bulldog 30W Alnico speakers. The speakers deliver a brilliant tone, which is slightly attenuated by the piece of cloth added to this historic piece of gear, and making this capture really special. It has been captured with 18 microphones with high-resolution nonlinear IRs. Thanks to Overloud Fluid Convolution, you can place up to four microphones in the 3D space around the cab and blend them with custom IRs. The ReSPiRe option adds air and the feeling of physically standing near the cabinet.

What’s Included:

  • The Made-In-Rock – NG30 amplifier model
  • The matched cabinet model
  • A bank of presets with the sounds of the most famous songs played with that amp
  • Models created with Fluid Capturing, the new frontier of processing technology
  • 15 more models, including overdrives, modulation, and reverbs
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