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Overloud TH-U Made In Rock - JUP 320

Based on the authentic emulation of the Acoustic 320* bass head


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TH-U Made In Rock – JUP320 is the plug-in based on the authentic emulation of the Acoustic 320* bass head with serial no. 32002163, and its matched cabinet, which belonged to Judas Priest*. The amp is currently part of the Made In Rock private collection, which has expanded in the last 20 years through the acquisition of amplifiers, effects, guitars and other items from the stages of renowned artists such as White Snake, Noel Gallagher, Judas Priest and many others.

The History of a Legend

The reference amplifier comes from Bonhams, and since 2020 it has been part of the Made In Rock collection. The head is dated 1979 and its Serial Number is 32002163. The head can output 300W with almost no distortion and has a huge dynamic range. It was originally used with its matched 1x18" speaker, the Model 371, as seen from pictures of various Judas Priest stages. Lately, it has been played with an 8x10" modern cabinet.

Every Tonal and Emotional Detail Captured

The TH-U – JUP 320 head has two input Channels, A & B, which can be selected or blended together with different EQ settings. The power boost switch increases the output power on the bass frequencies in order to increase the deepness of the tone. A graphic EQ gives you the ability to shape the tone with precision; the bands are centered on the frequencies that were typically used in the '80s to sculpt the bass tones during that era. Overloud has even replicated the red marks on the EQ's front panel, where Judas Priest’s engineer set the faders for Ian's tone.

The 371 cabinet is based on a huge 1x18" speaker that has a very vintage flavor. Given the high flexibility of the 320 head, Overloud decided to add the model of a more modern 8x10" bass cabinet for more '90s-sounding tones. Both cabinets have been captured with 18 microphones with high-resolution nonlinear IRs. Thanks to Overloud Fluid Convolution, you can place up to four microphones in the 3D space around the cab and blend them with custom IRs. The ReSPiRe option adds air and the feeling of physically standing near the cabinet.

What’s Included:

  • The Made-In-Rock – JUP 320 amplifier model
  • The matched 1x18" cabinet based on the 371 model
  • An additional 8x10" bass cabinet
  • A bank of presets with the sounds of the most famous songs played with that amp
  • Models created with Fluid Capturing, the new frontier of processing technology
  • 15 more models, including overdrives, modulation, and reverbs
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