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Overloud TH-U Glen Drover Signature Pack (Free Standing Product)

The signature pack of the Metal Hero Glen Drover


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Introducing the Signature Collection of Metal Hero Glen Drover!*

TH-U Glen Drover Pack is an all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed with Metal Hero, Glen Drover. The pack includes all the models used to recreate Glen’s most famous tones, from his songs with Megadeth through his most recent projects like the Withering Scorn.


Self-contained pack that includes all the TH-U editing features, including the Rig Player, the Tuner, and the Looper, with no need to have a pre-existing TH-U license.

New Signature Amps!

DROVER FT CLEAN is a crystal-clear amp, with an American style, for lush clean tones, matched with a 4x12 cabinet based on bright alnico speakers. And DROVER M4 DIST is a mid-to-high gain amp with a perfectly balanced tone for palm-muting, djent, and power chords. It is matched with a 4x12 cabinet based on V30 speakers for a huge and open sound. Also included is the Solo Beast, DROVER SX LEAD, a super high gain amp with incredible clarity and playability for metal solos. It is matched with a 4x12 cabinet based on Greenback speakers for increased presence.

Drover Signature Pedals

DROVERDRIVE GD-1X enhances the OD channel of any TH-U amp, in particular, Glen’s M4 and SX amps. CELESTIAL CHORUS/DELAY is Glen's favorite modulation and delay into a single pedal with a '90s analog flavor. DRO-VIBE is Glen’s "mod" of the classic UniVibe pedal, created for more atmospheric soloing and clean tones.

The pack includes the following models and captures:

  • The exclusive Libra head and its matched cabinet
  • Eight amps and eight cabs captured from Glen Drover's favorite setups
  • Two exclusive distortion pedals: X-AC and X-BB
  • 12 backing tracks of his most famous hits
  • 20 Presets with the tones used in his songs
  • One Amp, two Cabs and 17 effects including overdrive, compressor, delay, and modulation pedals and racks from the TH-U Premium collection
  • Eight More Models
  • TH-U Glen Drover contains a complete collection of essential effects, amps, and cabs that extend the tonal capabilities of the plug-in, including one Compressor, two Delay/Reverb effects, a Modulation pedal, a Graphic EQ pedal, a Noise Gate, plus one additional Amp and Cabinet.

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