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Overloud TH-U BM Pro Acoustic

29 Captures of pre-amps and acoustic pedals


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The Acoustic Guitar Toolbox! 29 Captures of pre-amps and acoustic pedals.

BM Pro Acoustic is the TH-U expansion pack, created by Bert Meulendijk, dedicated to acoustic guitar processing. It has been created by capturing multiple acoustic pre-amps and pedals, and it covers various acoustic styles of playing, from strumming to fingerpicking (steel and nylon string).

"I have used a Jonker L-00 loaded with a K&K pure mini pickup which is a piezo system and a Martin D41 loaded with an LR Baggs Anthem pickup, which is a system that uses a mic, piezo, and a blend of those two. So, I’ve tried to use a wide spectrum of pickup types. I use both guitars for live gigs and in the studio. For the nylon string parts, I’ve used a Yamaha APX-10NA. I tweaked this set of rigs to sit right in a mix, although they can easily be used for solo purposes too." —Bert Meulendijk

The library contains 29 Rigs and 22 patches captured from the following pre-amps and pedals:

  • BM AC TG : recreation of a Chandler* TG 2 pre-amp
  • BM AC A-MP1 : recreation of a ADA* MP-1 preamp
  • BM AC Aurora : recreation of a Fishman* Aura pedal
  • BM AC Ven : recreation of a LR Baggs* Venue DI pedal
  • BM AC CA+ : recreation of a CAE* 3+ pre-amp
  • BM AC Rover : recreation of an Ernst Fliek* The Rover pre-amp
  • BM AC AA : recreation of a Focusrite* Red 1 pre-amp
  • BM AC German : recreation of a Chandler* Germanium pre-amp
  • BM AC German + AMK : recreation of a Chandler* Germanium pre-amp in combination with an Amek* Pure path.
  • BM AC Rad : recreation of a Radial* JDV pre-amp


The library also includes two unique effects designed by Bert Meulendijk. The Stryverb is a rich and lush reverb effect, with a long and modulated tail, and a very modern vibe. The Parallel Compressor includes a Parallel knob that blends the direct to the compressed tone in order to have full control over the dynamics of the instrument.

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