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Overloud TH-U Bass Rigs Vol. 1

38 rigs created from a variety of celebrated bass amplifiers


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That's right! TH-U's rig player is quite versatile. In fact, Overloud has just announced their first Rig Library expansion for TH-U dedicated to Bass: Bass Rigs Vol. 1.

Bass Rigs Vol. 1 contains 38 rigs created from a variety of celebrated bass amplifiers:*

  • Aguilar* DB 750 Tube Bass Head (2 rigs)
  • Aguilar* DB 751 (1 rig)
  • Aguilar* Tone Hammer 500 (1 rig)
  • Ashdown* ABM 500 (2 rigs)
  • Ashdown* CTM 300 (3 rigs)
  • Ashdown* MAG 300 EVO (3 rigs)
  • Ashdown* Toneman 300 (6 rigs)
  • Darkglass* Microtubes B7K (1 rig)
  • Darkglass* Microtubes 900 (2 rigs)
  • Darkglass* Vintage Ultra (3 rigs)
  • Noble* Tube Preamp (1 rig)
  • Portaflex* 350 (3 rigs)
  • Swr* 750x (6 rigs)
  • Trace Elliot* V-Type (4 rigs)

Each amplifier has been captured with multiple settings, different speakers and different mic configurations, to get the most thundering tones out of each setup.

Bass Rigs Vol. 1 includes six effects dedicated to bass:

  • Bass Envelope (brand new effect!)
  • Octaver**
  • GEQ-LoFreq**
  • D-Reverb**
  • D-Delay**
  • CHR-2**

** These effects are already included in TH-U Full. However they are not included in any of the TH-U Editions (Rock, Metal, Funk and R&B) or TH-U Slate Edition. By purchasing Bass Rigs Vol. 1, you will have access to all six effects no matter what version of TH-U you own.

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