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Overloud CHP Brit 1960 4x12 G1280 - SuperCabinet IR Library

Created by capturing a Marshall* 1960 A 4x12 with Rola Celestion* G12-80


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Brit 1960 4x12 G1280 is the Choptones Supercab IR Library created by capturing a Marshall* 1960 A 4x12 with Rola Celestion* G12-80.

It is an extensive and systematic capture created with 11 microphones, 8 to 16 positions each microphone and multiple Mic preamps, for more than 300 IRs globally.

The cabinet has a slanted front, closed back, with a solid Birch plywood construction, and might be the most common and used 4x12 out there. The perfect tone for modern rock! Its speaker, only made for two years, is an iconic 80’s speaker that provides a lot of volume with a fatter low end and mid range than other Celestion speakers of that era.

All captures are performed with a motorized mic stand in order to have consistent measurements across libraries.

Sound demos: https://soundcloud.com/overloud/sets/angel-4x12-neocream-supercab-ir-lib...

The microphones used during the capturing session are:

●    AKG* C414
●    Audio Technica* 2035
●    Beyerdynamic* M160
●    Electrovoice* RE20
●    Neumann* U87
●    Royer* 121
●    Sennheiser* MD21
●    Sennheiser* MD421
●    Sennheiser* MD441
●    Shure* SM7
●    Shure* SM57

Every microphone was moved to four different horizontal positions (Cap, Cap Edge, Cone and Cone Edge) and two distances, for a total of eight IRs each.

For some microphones, the set of 8 measurements has been repeated with the microphone off axis (45 deg).

All the measurement set has been repeated twice, with two different Mic preamps: a Neve* 1073 and a German preamp.

This library was created for the TH-U Supercabinet that allows you to:

●    Graphically browse the IRs in the library
●    Blend multiple IRs and create totally custom and huge stereo guitar tones
●    Compose new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode
●    Export your crafted IRs in .wav format for use with all major hardware modelers and software IR loaders

* Any use of third party trademarks, logos, mentioned brand names, products and services is only referential and Overloud hereby disclaims any Sponsorship, Affiliation or Endorsement of or by any such third party.


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