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e-instruments Session Keys Upright

A different kind of piano




Session Keys Upright provides music creators with the piano sound they’ve been looking for to give their music character. It's difficult to describe something that is made to be heard but imagine intimate clarity, a distinctive timbre and effortless emotive power; these are just three ways to expound the virtues of Session Keys Upright.

Utilizing two distinct sample sets and flexible sound shaping options, Session Keys Upright provides producers, composers and sound designers with a sonic playground to explore, helping to realize and enhance a wide variety of productions.

For film scoring and the charts Session Keys Upright features two sample sets, each with its own look, feel and sound identity:

  • "open" is characterized by spatial stereo sound with individual notes meticulously detuned, creating a chorus-like effect when combined. These interactions between notes establish the ideal conduit for creating atmospheric and evocative sounds for film scores, games as well as hip-hop tracks.
  • "closed" is for musicians demanding a modern, intimate and perfectly tuned piano for their tracks. Direct, focused and edgy, a sound that fits perfectly into any modern piano production or solo interpretation including pop, indie and rock genres.

The Animator provides over 400 instantly usable MIDI phrases, licks and riffs that automatically follow the key and harmony to help your compositions come to life. 
The Smart Chord function provides immediate inspiration at the touch of a single key or pad, creating instant chords sympathetic to your chosen song key.

The Pentamorph provides complex and seamless new textural possibilities for your sounds via one simple control ranging from acoustic noises and atmospheric pads to surreal reverse samples. 

Session Keys Upright is fully compatible with the Native Instruments NKS protocol, providing tight integration with Komplete Kontrol keyboards including optimal parameter assignment and Light Guide feedback.


  • Modern upright piano
  • Two separate sound banks: Open and Closed 
  • Pentamorph control to transform the entire sound with a single knob 
  • Animator with more than 400 flexible piano phrases 
  • Smart Chord function to create instant piano chords from single keys or pads 
  • Control the response and timbre with easy to use dynamic control 
  • Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain pedal available 
  • Native Instruments NKS compatible

Intimate clarity, a distinctive timbre and effortless emotive power - the piano sound you’ve been looking for to give your music the edge. Inspirational production and sound design tools far beyond the realms of a straightforward piano reproduction.

Creative Effects: Refine your individual Upright piano sound In the effects section, consisting of the following effect units: a 3-band Equalizer, a Color function for sound coloration, a Convolution Reverb, a Compressor, the Stereo Width and a Delay. Color lets you change the overall sonic color of your piano sound by selecting one of many different effects and set up its intensity. The 22 presets range from emulations of analog outboard gear and classic channel strips to heavily alienating effects.

Pentamorph: This stylish pentagonal controller makes this more than just a great piano instrument. Not only is it beautifully designed, but it's a phenomenally powerful tool, able to transform the whole sound from normal piano to eerie atmospheres to pure mechanical sounds and back, by the time you are done no one will even know it's a piano.
Instant flexible control in a single knob.

Animator: The sound of ideas coming to life: the Animator offers an intuitive and inspiring way to jam with more than 400 flexible piano phrases that follow your harmonies. Use the pitch bend and modulation wheels to increase or decrease complexity and control the dynamic of your session partner.

Smart Chord: Stuck in a black hole of inspiration and need some suitable chord changes to match the killer piano sound? Full chords or Animator riffs can be played via either the pad controller or single keys. Just set the key of your song and let Smart Chord Mode create the chords.

NKS Integration: Session Keys Upright piano offers integration with Komplete Kontrol keyboards including optimal parameter assignment and Light Guide feedback.

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