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Chocolate Audio Uproar RAW - 8-String Baritone Guitar

Play baritone rhythm-guitar parts like never before




*For use with Kontakt

Chocolate Audio teamed up with the extremely talented Gianluca Ferro using his Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar to record a massive amount of samples dedicated to power rhythm guitar. This Baritone Guitar was sampled through two boutique guitar rigs in parallel (all with a perfect phase relationship) and a separate clean D.I. signal. So there is some Bi-Amping to add some additional juice if needed to your tracks.

All channels can be mixed inside Kontakt or fed separately to your DAW for external mangling (just use on of the pre-made multis in a multi-output version of Kontakt).

Additionally, you can activate either of two independent parts to emulate Double-Tracking. To augment this effect you can delay in tens of milliseconds each single part separately (0.0 to 40.0 ms), detune (-10/+10 cents) or use the infamous Haas Effect very much used in some production styles.

The Haas Effect is obtained by hard panning a track to the left and copying it to the right, but delaying it usually within 10 to 40 milliseconds to obtain a wide sound from a single track.

On the Mixer page, once Haas is activated, you can also reverse the stereo image for one or more channels at the same time.

Product Features

  • Played by Gianluca Ferro on a Custom ESP 8 String Baritone Guitar
  • 3.85 GB (compressed) of samples
  • 14709 samples
  • 32 different types of articulations
  • 2 full octaves of range (F#1 to F#3), perfect for power rhythm parts
  • Dedicated to creating raging and furious low-ended power rhythm guitar tracks
  • Up to 6 round robins per articulation

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