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Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials

Make your guitar roar




Get incredibly sounding rock tones from three exceptionally modeled amps in a new generation of our AmpLion software.

A complete revamp of our long-standing AmpLion Pro guitar software. Now with much more detailed models, new features, and totally re-designed GUI. A gear collection based exclusively on absolute rock staples!

We have come a long way since designing the very first AmpLion plug-in in 2011. For the new version, we have opted for a completely new product philosophy. The one of efficiency, larger-than-life guitar sounds, and guitarist-friendly workflow. AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials gets you three legendary amp models, four cabinets, fifteen stompboxes, ten microphones, all recreated as detailed plug-in models using state-of-the-art component modeling.

We combined our proprietary research with the latest trends in the scientific community, took the best of both to design our new real-time nonlinear dynamic circuit equations solver, and use it as the basis for all circuitry inside the AmpLion 2.
The power amplifier section uses the loudspeaker impedance model as a load to replicate the interaction between the power amp tubes, output transformer, loudspeaker, and power amp feedback.
The modulation and analog delay effects use the bucket-brigade delay model with an exact number of buckets and virtual clock rate instead of a simple delay, adding a small amount of aliasing to the output sound - this can be heard as a typical ringing sound.
The models, including the cabinets, are latency-free, and you get an immediate response while playing. To achieve the same phasing between Cab A and B as you would experience in a real-life recording situation, we added a small additional delay equal to the time the sound, traveling from the loudspeaker, needs to reach the microphone membrane. There are no internal IRs in the cabinet section; these are all real-time cabinet models!



The real rock legend! Without this type of amp, Rock 'N' Roll would not exist. The four channels of the model deliver the traditional four input configuration. The Parallel channel is the key to your classic screaming rock sounds, and it is the equivalent of chaining the Normal and Bright channels together. There are also Master volume and Pushed mode options. Switch to the rear panel to discover the revision switch - SLP/HW, Brown sound switch, and Ohm selection (yes, it makes a difference :)


What a versatile amp design! This purple beast delivers a rich classic rock tonal spectrum, and it is a perfect complement to the first two. The Normal channel is one of the best platforms for using treble boosters (hint: There are two models included). The switchable Tremolo and Reverb features are a must, as well as the Tone Cut. On the rear panel, you get the Voicing and Custom EQ options. Plus, there is a Bright switch for the normal channel, too.


Meet the low-wattage spanky amp of choice for many players across genres - from traditional country to alternative indie rock. Don't be fooled by the size! Despite not having much headroom, this amp is a monster. Choose between the two main channels, each having the Low and High input option, and on the rear panel, discover the added Pushed mode. While the Vibrato channel is engaged, enjoy the hyperreal spring reverb and the famous lush or choppy vibrato.


With AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials, you get the amps modeled after their legendary ancestors as they come stock, as well as specific tweaks, fan-favorite mods, version revisions, or our custom modification ideas. Most of the time, these are located at the rear panel of the model. Are you eager to try something new with your favorite amp model? Take a look there! :)

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