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UVI EGP Hybrid Electric Grand Piano

The most detailed electric grand piano library ever made




Our inspiration started with the Yamaha CP-70, the first and most successful ‘portable’ electric grand piano. The CP-70 was developed for touring musicians in the 70’s, making use of electric amplification via. per-string piezo pickups similar to a guitar. This approach allowed for a much smaller, modular construction perfect for the touring musician. It was essentially a 300lb plug-and-play grand piano. The CP-70 was introduced in the mid 70’s and saw a reasonable production run until it, along with the CP-60 and CP-80, was discontinued after the advent of digital pianos. Most famously used by Peter Gabriel, it was a favorite of many pop and prog rock icons including Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson of ELP, Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Boston, Journey, Asia and Genesis. The CP-70 was used on dozens of hit records and soundtracks and produces a distinct sound unlike any other instrument since.


The Ultimate Electric Grand

EGP is the most detailed and comprehensive electric grand piano instrument ever produced, boasting 5 channels of audio including electric, L/R and M/S mics, 10 playing styles, discrete eq, effects and dynamics on both electric and acoustic signals and a wide range of professionally prepared presets. A truly deep and expansive instrument, the EGP is capable of a wide range of sounds and precision, well beyond any existing libraries.


Unprecedented Detail

EGP is essentially an entire piano studio at your fingertips. 5 channels of pristinely recorded audio allow precise mixing suitable to any need. The raw electric signal of the CP-70 was captured via. a Class A direct box with Vovox cable into a Prism converter for the utmost clarity and definition. For the acoustic section, a stereo pair of custom Bruel and Kjaer mics provide a conventional L/R signal while a Neuman U67 and Royer ribbon mic combine for the M/S signal. The level of each mic can be adjusted to taste, as well L/R and M/S groups allow for precise and efficient mixing. Go from acoustic mono to a full mix of all channels instantly, effortlessly adjusting the width and balance of your sound to perfectly fit your mix.


Both acoustic and electric sections have their own independent effect and dynamic chains, allowing for unmatched sound shaping and control. Add a touch of reverb to the acoustic section, some overdrive and chorus to the electric signal, EQ both to taste; whatever you’re trying to accomplish you can do it quickly via a clear and intuitively designed UI.


The CP-70, Prepared

In addition to the array of signal options, 10 unique preparations are available including classic, brush, bow, ebow, fingers, pick, stick and more. Each playing style was recorded with the utmost attention to detail, capturing round robins, release samples, sympathetic resonance and pedal noise resulting in an exquisitely rich sound and immediately playable instrument. The availability of multiple playing styles greatly extends the sonic capabilities of the EGP, providing everything from lush soundscapes to percussive melody perfect for scoring, sound design or experimental music.


A World Class Instrument

EGP is not a simple instrument by any standard, it’s a deep and comprehensive archive of a classic instrument—a creative tool capable of everything from pristine piano sounds to ambient soundscapes and everywhere in-between. Whether you’re looking to reproduce a sound from the past, explore new timbres or simply add a little magic to your arsenal, the EGP has something for everyone.


  • The most detailed electric grand piano library ever made
  • Fully mixable 5 channel recording including electric, L/R and M/S mics
  • Multiple preparations including stick, bow, ebow, mutes and brush
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