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Serato DJ Suite

The Ultimate All-in-One Suite for Serato DJ




The DJ Suite from Serato is a complete all-in-one bundle that includes Serato DJ, Serato Video, Serato DVS Expansion Pack, Serato Flip, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ, and Serato expansion packs: Chip Pack, Back Pack, and Jet Pack.

Serato DJ provides a range of advancements to the popular DJing software. It includes support for Rane's line of Serato enabled mixers (Sixty-Eight, Sixty Four, Sixty-Two Z, Sixty-Two, and Sixty-One), Rane's line of SL interface boxes, as well as a wide variety of mixers and DJ controllers designed for Serato from manufacturers such as Denon, Novation, Numark, Pioneer, and Reloop.

Serato Video is designed for live performance applications such as when mixing visuals at a party, art installation, or club. The software utilizes Serato DJ's user interface to mix video effects (audio reactive, equalizer, lighting, record, transform), visual representations of linked audio FX, images, and text. It supports .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .m4a, .avi, .flv, .mpg, .mpeg, .dv, and .qtz file formats and provides controls over characteristics such as contrast, delay, video transitions, and crossfading between visuals. A new record feature allows you to record your set.

Serato DVS (Digital Vinyl System) is an expansion pack for Serato DJ that allows users with compatible/supported hardware to expand their setup and connect Turntable or CDJs to their controller setup. Supported hardware includes: Akai Pro AMX, Denon DJ MC6000MK2, Numark N4, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, and more. Additionally, DVS can be used with natively with select DJ mixers including Pioneer DJM-900NXS, Pioneer DJM-850, Allen & Heath Xone:DB2, Allen & Heath Xone:DB4, and Allen & Heath Xone:43.

Serato Flip is an expansion pack for Serato DJ that allows users to create custom edits, while extending and re-imaging their music. By recording cue points and censor actions / automation, audio can be saved, looped, started, and re-triggered in an instant. Create and save up to 6 Flips per track.

Serato's Pitch 'n Time is one of the leading time stretching and pitch shifting algorithms used by audio professionals in film and music industries. The Pitch 'n Time DJ is an expansion pack that speeds up or slows down audio to extreme tempo values, while maintaining its key with high quality and definition.

The Serato DJ Chip Pack is an FX expansion pack that includes Spiral Flanger, Pitch Delay, Chiptunes, Short Circuit, Shifter LoFi, Side Delay, Crush Echo, Particle Delay, Noise Sweep, and Noise Synth presets.

The Serato DJ Back Pack is an FX expansion pack that includes Tape Echo, Combo TapeEcho, Twist Echo, Looper, Pitch Looper, Shuffler, Time Stretch, Time Freeze, Spiral Echo Up, SpiralEcho Down, Res LPF Auto, Res HPF Auto, and Combo AutoFilter presets.

The Serato DJ Jet Pack is an FX expansion pack that includes Shepard Filter, U.F.O., Space Verb, Space Verb Lift, Space Verb Drop, Filter Echo, Filter Dub, Echo, Filter Gate, Bass Ducker, and Noise Pulse presets


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