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Echoes - Analog Echo Box

Nomad Factory is proud to introduce ECHOES, a new Analog Echo Box plug-in designed to give you the warmth and richness of classic vintage delay effects. ECHOES is the last word in echo effects, faithfully modeling the greatest delay effects of all time, including the PLX-1 based on* Echoplex® 1, PLX-3 based on Echoplex 3, OILCAN based on Tel-Ray® Oilcan Delay, EHX-DM based on Electro Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, and ADM-2 based on Boss® DM-2 Analog Delay.


Following the philosophy behind Nomad Factory’s hit Magnetic plug-in, ECHOES not only sounds amazing, but it is designed to be very easy to use. Unlike many other delay plug-ins that have dozens of unnecessary knobs and confusing parameters, ECHOES has captured the essence of the original effects by keeping it simple. With the turn of a few knobs, the plug-in delivers musical results and instant analog delay satisfaction!


A brief history of Analog Delay

The world’s first delay effects were achieved using tape loops improvised on reel-to-reel systems in the 1950’s. The dawn of the analog delay came in the 1960’s with the Maestro® Echoplex. Many guitarists embraced the technology as a way to enhance their sound including Robert Fripp, John Martyn and Jimi Hendrix.


Often incorporating vacuum tube-based electronics, vintage analog delay units are highly sought after by today’s musicians who desire the unique timbres achievable with this technology. Solid-state delay units using transistors became available in the 1970s and were briefly a mainstream alternative to tape echo.


Though solid-state analog delays are less flexible than digital delays and generally have shorter delay times, several classic models such as the discontinued Boss® DM-2 are still regarded for their "warmer", more natural echo quality and progressively decaying delays.

*All Trademarks are property of their respective holders.


Nomad Factory’s ECHOS features 5 classic analog delay effects all in one plug-in:

  • PLX-1: Based on* Maestro® Echoplex 1
  • The original Tube-based tape delay effect
  • PLX-3: Based on* Maestro® Echoplex 3
  • Transistor-based tape echo
  • Oilcan: Based on* Tel Ray® Echo
  • Tapeless Oilcan delay/echo
  • EHX-DM: Based on* Electro Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, the most in-demand analog delay pedal ever built
  • ADM-2: Based on* Boss® DM-2
  • Analog delay pedal from the early 80's

ECHOES Plug-In Features:

  • ECHO TIME: Controls the time from 20 to 2000ms of analog delay
  • PANNING: Center position for stereo pan, left or right causes ping pong effect
  • ECHO MODE: Choose from 5 classic analog delay effects
  • REPEATS: Controls the feedback amount of the delay effect
  • MIX: Controls the balance of the wet /dry signal
  • EXTRA KNOBS: 3 additional preset knobs that change according to the currently selected mode
  • PLX-1: Wow & Flutter, Drive and Echo Level
  • PLX-3: Bass, Treble and Echo Level
  • EHX-DM: Mod Speed, Mod Depth and Echo Level
  • OILCAN: Tone, Variation and Echo Level
  • ADM-2: Bass, Treble and Echo Level
  • SYNC SWITCH: Sync your delays to your song’s master tempo
  • VINTAGE SWITCH: Give your delays that vintage analog sound by filtering the repeats
  • STEREO WIDENER: Increases the width of the delay. Lowest setting is true mono
  • INPUT: Sets the input level of Echoes
  • OUTPUT: Sets the output level of Echoes
  • POWER bypasses the entire unit
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