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Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle


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The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 is a collection of 19 processing plug-ins that recreate the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware. The plug-ins were modeled according to the strict design principles of the hardware they reproduce, while maintaining a transparency that lets the original signal shine through with just the desired amount of brilliance and character. Yet all 19 plug-ins augment their robust sound detailing with simple and functional “vintage-style” interfaces, as well as very low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing. In keeping with their previous versions of top quality audio processing plug-ins, the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle V3 has been totally redesigned by Nomad Factory to offer even more compelling enhancements for your professional digital audio workflow.


The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 contains 3, distinct product packages including:

  • Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack
  • Blue Tubes Effects Pack
  • Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack

Single Blue Tubes products that are included:

  • Blue Tubes Analog Trackbox
  • Blue Tubes BrickWall BW-2S
  • Blue Tubes Compressor CP-2S
  • Blue Tubes DeEsser DS-2S
  • Blue Tubes Gate Expander GX622
  • Blue Tubes Limiter LM-2S
  • Blue Tubes Analog Chorus CH2S
  • Blue Tubes Analog Phaser APH2S
  • Blue Tubes Oilcan Echo TLE2S
  • Blue Tubes Tempo Delay DL3D
  • Blue Tubes Stereo Imager ST2S
  • Blue Tubes Valve Driver ADR2S
  • Blue Tubes Equalizer BQ2S
  • Blue Tubes Equalizer BX2S
  • Blue Tubes Equalizer GEQ12
  • Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ2B
  • Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ5B
  • Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ322


  • 6 Dynamics Processors (Limiter - Expander - Compressor - Noise Gate - DeEsser - BrickWall)
  • 6 Equalizers Processors (2-band - Baxandall - Graphic - Vintage - 5-band - Filters)
  • 6 Effects Processors (Chorus - Phaser - Vintage Echo- Delay - OverDriver - Imager)
  • 1 ChannelStrip Processor (Tube Emulator - Gate/Expander - Compressor - Equalizer - Filters)
  • Full Automation for all parameters PC and Mac OS X
  • Easy-to-use vintage interface
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