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Musical Sampling Atelier Series Orb Trumpets

Trumpet section library for Kontakt




Orb Trumpets is a proof-of-concept release that is created entirely out of performances. 

Recorded in Orb Studios in Austin, TX – the goal was to create a trumpet patch that took our Adventure-style programming techniques to a more natural-sounding level using samples derived from phrases. It’s trickier to program and hone, but the resulting fluidity is compelling. 

Like our larger orchestral releases, the Adventure-style programming requires no keyswitching. For quicker notes, you’re going to want to play within the 1-100 velocity range. For longer notes, 101-127 provides a slightly broader attack. Switching between the two provides an effective approximation of how brass players tend to shape certain notes within a variety of phrases. 

Tuning was lightly done to taste instead of destructively tuning it with software. We retained the natural biases in intonation up the range/dynamics while pulling in the more squirrely notes, resulting in a more natural temperament. 

The Adventure Workhorse patch is great for most trumpet-writing needs with a dynamic range going from mezzo-piano to fortissimo. The Adventure (FFF Sus Layer) patch includes an additional sustain layer at the top of the dynamic range where the players went properly ham with the volume. Good for those hammy moments. 

For both Stac & Stacmo patches, release the notes quickly to activate the release samples. For the VEL Switching patch, the modwheel controls dynamics and playing velocities 1-100 will trigger staccatissimo samples while 101-127 will trigger staccato samples. For the MW Switching patch, velocity controls the dynamics while the modwheel allows you to switch between staccatissimo (down) and staccato (up). 

The No Filter folder patches are for the rare few whose DAW setups may be a bit sensitive to certain Kontakt filters (CPU spikes n’ such). 

This library is recorded relatively dry but treats well to external reverb setups. Slap an early reflection plugin then pipe that puppy into your favorite hall verb!


  • Adventure Workhorse
  • Adventure (FFF Sus Layer)
  • Stac & Stacmo (VEL Switching)
  • Stac & Stacmo (MW Switching)
  • No Filter versions of above


  • Two-trumpet section
  • Keyswitch-less “Adventure” programming
  • Two velocity-sensitive attack types
  • Entirely performance-sourced sampling
  • Tighter studio recordings
  • Hand-tuned to taste — no destructive tuning
  • Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse
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