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Metric Halo Production Bundle v.2

The Essential Toolset used by Grammy® Award-Winning Engineers and #1 Hit Makers the World Over




The Metric Halo Production Bundle is a collection of seven premium plugin processors, featuring: ChannelStrip 3, Dirty Delay, Character, HaloVerb, Multiband Dynamics, Precision DeEsser, TransientControl and Multiband Expander - take your projects to the next level with this processing powerhouse.


ChannelStrip 3 replaces the ChannelStrip 2, a plug-in that's been used on countless hits and soundtracks with a fourteen year pedigree. Refreshed for Pro Tools 10 and beyond, ChannelStrip3 runs under the new plug-in format in Pro Tools 10, in either Native or DSP mode and AU. A single license enables both usages – no more separate licenses.


Dirty Delay is a fantastic-sounding feedback delay processor with integrated Character and Filters in the delay path. Use it to create awesome vintage echo and tape-delay style sounds as well as create lush and subtle spaces in a mix.


Character plug-in with 20 different models, incorporating the sound of tubes, transformers and solid state devices. Character for Pro Tools also adds a Drive control to allow you to push the distortion even harder for over-the-top sound mangling.


HaloVerb allows you to add ambience and depth to your recordings. Based on the original HaloVerb for 2d Expanded Metric Halo interfaces, the version expands on the great algorithmic sound to give you more flexibilty and control. Use the reverb impuse to see the reverberant field as you make adjustments, or hide the graphics and let your ears be your guide.


Multiband Dynamics allows you to shape the timbral quality of your audio by running it through a three-way crossover, providing independant compression per frequency range and then putting the result through a limiter.


Precision DeEsser allows you to manipulate your tracks and remove remove excessive high frequency content. It combines the high precision filter technology and dynamics processing of ChannelStrip with the metering and analysis of SpectraFoo to allow you zero in on offending frequencies and correct them quickly and efficiently. Precision DeEsser features comprehensive listening controls to allow you to hear to hear exactly what is (or isn't) being removed; you may choose five different points in the processing chain to monitor. As with all Metric Halo plug-ins, parameters are fully automatable to give you full control of the processing during mixdown. The Precision DeEsser is an essential tool for vocal tracks, but can also be used for sound design and other audio processing.


TransientControl allows you to modify dynamics in ways that aren't possible with traditional compressors. You can directly change the transient ("attack") and sustain of your audio; this allows you to make your tracks more punchy, or smooth them out so they sit in a mix.


Multiband Expander allows you to shape the dynamic quality of your audio by running it through a three-way crossover, providing independant expansion per frequency range.

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