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MAGIX Xara Designer Pro X

The Ultimate Package for Your Designs 




Xara Designer Pro X combines graphic and web design, illustration, photo editing and desktop publishing – all in a single compact workspace. 

  • Graphic design & illustration 
  • Web design 
  • Image editing 
  • Desktop publishing 
  • Intuitive & Productive 

Create graphics and illustrations exactly the way you want and use a diverse set of tools to give them an expert, custom touch. 

Vector graphics 
Powerful drawing tools allow you to draw lines, shapes, and curves using vectors and adjust scale without loss of quality.  Your pictures look sharp right down to the finest detail. This is perfect for when you need graphics in various sizes for different uses! 

  • Essential effects 
  • Intuitively create exciting effects like transparency, outlines and gradients to give your graphics and illustrations a special touch. 
  • Get artistic with brushes 
  • Browse through a huge selection of art brushes, then draw creative lines and turn each and every one of your images into a work of art. 
  • Adaptable shapes 
  • Start with any shape and transform it into a custom design element for your graphics and illustrations. 

Worth a million: The Online Content Catalog 
Discover the Online Content Catalog* with over 1 million freely available stock photos, graphics, illustrations and SmartShapes that you can easily access and use at any time. 

Discover over 900 SmartShapes, including the new, improved tables. 
Stock photos 
A massive selection of agency photos to choose from is included. 
Graphics & illustrations 
Access a fantastic collection of graphic designs and illustrations. 

Creating a website has never been so easy: Select your favorite template, apply your own images and text – that's all there is to it!
Website templates 
The Online Content Catalog** contains 240 website templates, so you're sure to find the perfect one no matter the theme of your website. All elements are 100% customizable. 
The new Magic Color Match function offers unlimited options for customizing your projects. 

Included: Web storage & domain name
Xara Designer Pro X offers everything you need for a successful Internet presence, including 2 GB web storage and your own domain** - free for one full year! 
Responsive web design 
Display your website correctly on any end device – from PC to smartphone and tablet. It's easy and no programming knowledge is required. 

Panorama photo slider 
Use the full width of your website to present your photos. This showcases your images and makes your website an absolute eye-catcher. Expand the slider any way you want – either with a prominent call-to-action button or a customized header. 
Parallax scrolling 
Add more dynamics and depth to your website: Elements such as content and images move as you scroll and provide an interactive user experience. 
Sticky objects 
Sticky objects are unaffected by scrolling and remain visible at the same position. It's particularly practical when you need to use the navigation bar. 
Reveal effects 
Use the object reveal effects to fade in elements as soon as the corresponding area of your website is visible in a browser. This adds movement and variety to the page. 

  • Web design extras 
  • You can also add the following additional elements to your website. 
  • Audio content 
  • Video content 
  • Widgets for forms 
  • Slideshows 
  • Social media buttons 

Always there for you: Online presentations 
Tons of presentation templates 
You're almost ready for your presentation. Want to add graphics or create a unified layout? 
No problem. Xara Designer Pro X contains high-quality presentation templates in a huge variety of themes. This enables you to create a captivating presentation in no time at all. 

From quick snapshots to photo shoots: Edit your images directly in Xara Designer Pro X. 

Easy & advanced image editing 
Adjust brightness, contrast, color and saturation in images in no time at all or use 1-click optimization. 
For more precise results, edit the gradation curves for your photos or apply professional white balance. 

Erase backgrounds 
Create masks for easily removing object backgrounds. Simply mask the object, roughly erase the background and remove it with a click. 
Cut items 
Crop individual parts of your image or cut out figures. Select an outline using the mouse and the magnetic lasso will automatically create a path.
Perfect photo retouching 
Use the retouch tool and fully customizable tool tips to easily retouch areas of an image. 
Impressive photo filters 
Present a photo differently each time. Simply select one of 140 photo filters in the Online Content Catalog* and apply it to your image with a single click. 
Photo grids for collages 
Create seamless photo collages. Select any template you want from the Online-Content-Catalog* and then drag and drop your pictures onto different positions. 
Brighten or darken areas 
Enhance sections of an image during editing. With the tool for color dodge and color burn you can darken or lighten precise areas within an image.

Straighten horizons 
Is the horizon slanted in your photo? In Xara Designer Pro X you can simply use the "Straighten horizon" slider to adjust the position of the photo. DESKTOP PUBLISHING 
With Xara Designer Pro X you can easily create multipage publications such as brochures, fliers, newspapers and business cards. 

Wide range of print and online publications 
Xara Designer Pro X includes all the tools you need for creating and publishing complex documents. The software makes dealing with even multi-page publications in different formats a cinch. 
When you need results, fast: The Online Content Catalog** includes a ton of templates that are 100% customizable, as well as over 1 million photos and graphics that you can use for your publications. 

CMYK support 
Maintain the correct color right through the the final print. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) support offers the exact hue you need for flyers, photos and documents. 

Select file formats freely 
With Xara Designer Pro X, you can import, edit and export virtually all file formats. You can easily exchange documents and photos with colleagues and friends, with no limitations. 

  • NEW! PDF Editor 3.0 
  • 600+ Google fonts 
  • 1,500+ symbols 
  • Automatic text flow 
  • Automatic page numbering 
  • Spelling checker 
  • NEW! OpenType ligatures 
  • NEW! Page makeup 
  • NEW! Uppercase and lowercase tool 

INTUITIVE & PRODUCTIVE Xara Designer Pro X offers a wide range of features that will increase your productivity and keep your processes intuitive because an efficient workflow is the key to success. 

Knowledge Base 
Find out everything you need to know: Browse a huge collection of articles that will help answer your questions about Xara Designer 
Cookie notifications 
This guide includes all the information you need for setting up cookie notifications on your website.  
CSV import 
Directly import CSV files in easy-to-understand pie charts and present your data clearly across all your documents. 
SVG export 
Automatic text panels

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