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MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite

Experience the ultimate next-level DAW




Experience the ultimate next-level DAW: ACID Pro 10 Suite includes all the features of ACID Pro 10 plus exclusive virtual instruments, effects and ACIDized loops worth over $1,000.

MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite - where creativity meets inspiration. The DAW for all producers who demand the highest standards for their music productions.

MADE FOR PRODUCERS WHO CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE It’s that magic moment again. You hear a song on the radio and you just can’t wait to sample or remix it. True inspiration. With ACID Pro, you will be able to sketch that idea and turn it into a finished track faster than any other DAW. Its unique workflows, innovative features and professional tools were designed specifically for loop- and sample-based music production. Compose, arrange, record, mix and master. But most importantly: be creative. Experience ACID Pro.

  • NEW: zynaptiq STEM MAKER 2 - Separate your song into its components  
  • OPTIMIZED: MIDI - Playable Chopper Play samples like an instrument 
  • INNOVATIVE: ACID Morph Pads - Create new soundscapes with one swipe


MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite The creative DAW for sample- and loop-based music production Incredible, brand-new zynaptiq STEM MAKER 2 NEW! ACID Morph Pads Celemony Melodyne 5 essential (worth $99) NEW! Sidechaining NEW! Transient detection in the MIDI Playable Chopper Remix Tool Brand-new virtual instruments, effects and ACIDized loops

ACID Pro 10 is better than ever, and comes packed with even more creative tools, instruments and effects plus the latest audio technology. Extract individual stems from your favorite recordings with the zynaptiq: STEM MAKER 2, use the power of the new ACID Morph Pads for endless remixing ideas, or play ACID like an instrument with the all-new version of the MIDI Playable Chopper. 

Explore the new world of ACID Pro! 

A COMPLETE ORCHESTRA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS THE VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS Take your music in any direction you like with a whole suite of varied instruments which cover everything from acoustic emulations of a complete orchestra to out-of-this-world synths. Try out a vintage piano, some incredible drums, or play a high quality saxophone. It's your

Analog Synths 2 With the sound of the analogue synth very much back in vogue – from synth wave to dance music – Analog Synths 2 offers perfect vintage synth sounds, covering deep bass thrills and hard, edgy leads. 

Lead Synth produces incredible electronic sounds that will cut through any mix. With its virtual analogue heart, it can produce high-end, high-quality leads for all genres of music. 

Concert Guitar delivers guitar authenticity and is great for incredible picking techniques, delicate slides or subtle finger sounds. It also caters for different playing styles, offers a huge range of presets and has a selection of effects to deliver fantastic guitar sounds for every occasion.  

Pop Drums This virtual drum instrument is a fantastic beat-making tool and ideal for many current genres of music. Play huge trap beats, program pumping techno grooves or even create a furious double bass in a metal style! All the beats were recorded through an SSL for extra analog character. 

Concert Grand A classic piano instrument created by intricately sampling a concert grand piano being played in an international concert hall. It's the sound of an amazing instrument recorded in its natural environment, and the results are incredible, with the power and detail of the instrument shining through.

Church Organ This instrument was created by making recordings of a church organ in a church near Venice to achieve a totally authentic sound. It stylishly recreates the emotional and dramatic sounds of the original organ and is suited to both classical and contemporary music. 

Urban Drums This drum instrument is perfect for dubstep and hip-hop grooves. Behind its 9-bit style fascia are enough huge beats and hits to give your tunes an edge. Programming is easy too because Urban Drums is based on easy-to-use hardware beat makers, so just play the pads and hit record. 

Electric Piano This instrument is dedicated to providing a wide variety of vintage electric piano tones. You can use it for smokey jazz, melodic blues or funky riffs packed with overdrive. On-board effects help Electric Piano really come to life offering all the organic character of the real instrument.

Rock Drums Big, bold and beautiful, Rock Drums is the perfect instrument for providing more dynamic beats to your music. You can get driving double bass for metal songs, reverberant drum grooves for a huge arena sound, or ease back with dry, clean studio drum sounds.

Drum Engine The legendary MPC sampler launched a million beats and Drum Engine features a similar interface so you can program some incredible grooves. It includes a range of preset sounds – from modern pop kits to groove box samples – so you can create beats over a wide variety of styles. 

Choir An instrument that creates the complete sound of a choir including classic choral arrangements, deep male voices, crystal-clear vocals sung by a female singers and mixed-voice choirs. Use it up front as the lead in your song or as an atmospheric backing to any piece of music. 

Cinematic Synth A synth instrument which is capable of producing everything from dreamy sequences to heavy basslines. There are also effect modules to take your sonics to extra-terrestrial pastures and produce atmospheres that could soundtrack any film. 

Analog Synths This virtual synthesizer emulates the classic sounds of legendary hardware synthesizers with total precision. With its retro design, and hands-on controls you'll be tweaking and creating vintage tones in no time.

Vintage Organ Take a trip back in time with a virtual instrument that is focused completely on vintage organ sounds. Original individual organs are authentically replicated and there are plenty of hands-on controls to shape the sounds. 

Electric Bass is an instrument that is perfect for laid-back funk riffs, soul ballads or as a groovy foundation for more current genres. It's an elegantly-designed plug-in with a multitude of options for custom sound design. 

Saxophonia Vita Saxophonia offers everything you would expect from a saxophone: a wide dynamic range, diverse sounds, a powerful timbre and many optimized presets that make the instrument the ideal companion for many music projects. 

Pop Brass has it all: slick funk, orchestra arrangements, tight Latino rhythms and the sound of the roaring '20s. It is is perfect for both elaborate productions and creative jam sessions.  

Orchestral Ensemble contains various ensemble recordings of an orchestra complete with brass, woodwind, percussion and strings. With everything from angry brass staccatos and driving orchestral thrills to soft string legato, it is perfect for all film and pop music producers. 

Jazz Drums This is a great instrument to provide a diverse range of smoother, more laid-back beats. Jazz Drums covers everything from the driving pulse of a classic jazz tune to a more abstract groove for an electronic-based track.

1957 Wooden Clarinet With a wide tonal range from tenor tones far beyond the soprano's capabilities and the definition and bite of a violin or trumpet, the aged sounds of the wooden clarinet let you create expressive yet subtle tones for a perfect mix of many genres. 

Children Choir This virtual kid's choir enables you to add a whole lot of emotion to your tracks, or transform a simple song into something epic. Each individual tone can be transposed to create the right sound and you can add various effects to achieve the perfect result. 

Soloist Collection Time for a new voice, this time a collection of professionally recorded male and female soloists. The human voice is our most direct vessel of musical expression and we have recorded masters of our most dynamic instrument for the VITA Soloist Collection. 

Handchimes, Bells and Glass This VITA Instrument specializes in the metal and glass based percussion instruments with tonal qualities, making them perfect for melodies and soft atmospheric textures. This instrument is ideal for adding that extra shimmering layer that easily finds it's way into any kind of music.

Exclusively in ACID Pro 10 Suite

Power Guitar Create a huge amount of powerful guitar sounds with one instrument. Power Guitar has everything you need – huge power chords, squealing slides and powerful overdrives – backed by different playing techniques and an extensive sound library.  

Century Guitar If you need cleaner guitar tones, then Century Guitar offers an unadulterated sound and the highest attention to detail. Melodies and accompaniments help deliver an authentic playing experience without you needing to be a guitar-playing expert. 

Soundtrack Percussion Need to add a touch of rhythmic drama to a score? Soundtrack Percussion has a wide range of attacking sounds, including bells, drums, thunder bells, gongs and Taiko drums, so you can create complete percussive tunes or add interest to any soundtrack. 

String Ensemble If you need emotive strings, then this instrument delivers the goods. It is perfect for powerful or delicate strings, and ideal for everything from classical recordings to more contemporary scores, laden with effects. 

Bass Machine How low can you go? With Bass Machine the answer is: very! Create powerful bottom end, perfect basslines and cone-rattling tones with hands-on filters to shape the sound exactly how you like.

Upright Bass The upright bass is one of the most well-loved instruments, and can add character to everything from classical to jazz recordings. Upright Bass offers a powerful, dynamic and groovy backbone for any track.  

Century Keys Century Keys offers a 'best-of' in keyboard sounds, covering classic and modern pianos, so delivers the perfect keyboard sounds for many genres including soul, RnB, pop, jazz, rock and hip hop. 

Space Pad Need something out of this world? Space Pad takes you on incredible sonic journeys, delivering layers of atmosphere, complex sequences and beautiful organic synthesizer textures suited to all sorts of projects.  

Cinematic Soundscapes Explore icy, vast expanses of sound and create depth and tension with Cinematic Soundscapes. Most sounds here are encapsulated in a dark, almost oppressive aura, making this instrument the perfect choice for a variety of use cases. 

World Percussion Create a barrage of emotion with Bongo sounds, Congas, Cowbells, Guiros, Shakers, Vibra slaps, Tambourines and Timbales - waiting to be customized for exotic new rhythms.  


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