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XILS-lab ChorX

4 Legendary Chorus Effects in a single Unit


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The Spatializer chorus

Chor'X combines four types of Vintage Chorus effects, based on a Bucket-Brigade Delay (BBD) emulation with a sophisticated True Stereo Dynamic Spatializer. It’s very easy to add space, depth, and other dimensions to your instruments. Achieve complex and intriguing mixes with Chor'X!

XILS-Lab went to great lengths to create authentic sounding chorus effects. Having studied many vintage chorus units and deciphering what made each one unique, they then modeled four chorus modes (Synthex, CS-80, Dim-D and V+ 330). Chor'X emulates some of the most famous archetypal structures found in these legendary units: 4 BB Delays, 2 BB Delays and 2 BB delays with phase tweaks, with or without an internal compander. Unleash your creativity and go wild by combining these diverse chorus effects together!

The "True Stereo engine" spatializer developed by XILS-Lab expands dramatically the stereo width that some reputed Choruses could add to instruments. You can now position all the signals in a stereo image. It is far more than a simple panoramic tool, with XILS-Lab Chor'X, you can place an instrument in front of the stereo field or further back: you master the Space!

The Legacy/Advanced feature allows a fast workflow to choose and tweak your preferred chorus model from.

Use the Advanced button to change internal chorus parameters such as the LFO rate and also the amount of chorus from a particular model.

There are also a few unique features that you’re used to finding in all XILS-lab instruments: 

Impulse Threshold: Chor'X will not destroy the low end of your instruments. There is also a special Dry tool that allows you to process percussive material while leaving the transients dry, only adding chorus to the tail of the instruments.

Dynamic Modulations: You can add automatic dynamic changes to the rate and the amount of all the BB Delay lines. This unique feature is the key to ever-changing, very subtle or more devastating Chorus, and combined True Stereo effects.


  • Easy and Fast workflow with the Legacy/Advanced mode
  • Four Bucket-Brigade Delay emulations
  • Four standard chorus structures (with special filtering and compander emulations)
  • Two 2-D pads for easy parameter tweaking
  • True Stereo Dynamic Engine
  • Advanced Dry/Wet modulation with an impulse follower
  • Advanced Amount modulation with an envelope follower
  • True stereo path with independent Right and Left Chorus structures
  • Advanced preset management
  • All parameters are MIDI controllable
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