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UVI Unlock

Creative door foley designer for film, video, and post-production





  • Creative door foley designer for film, video, and post-production
  • 120+ doors, and 170+ sub-layers of creaks, handles, locks and more
  • Powerful effects section with extensive IRs to match most environments

Unlock delivers a flexible and easy-to-use sound design tool giving you everything you need to create incredibly detailed and realistic open, shut, and knocking sounds for doors of nearly every size, build, and environment. With a massive library or professionally recorded samples, Unlock delivers an epic collection of door and auxiliary sounds such as creaks, squeaks, locks, handles, sliding and rolling, air, metal, drag, bells, glass, and wood, which can be layered, tweaked, and finalized with effects to create the perfect sound for your production.

Deep, flexible, well organized, and extremely easy to use, Unlock is an indispensable tool for post facilities and sound designers.


Unlock was designed from the ground-up as a creative tool for post-production professionals, providing a fast and intuitive way to create opening, closing, and knocking door sounds for film, games, and more. With a massive library of over 29,000 samples was meticulously recorded to cover a wide range of use-cases, including real round robins for each of the doors and sub-layer sounds for exceptionally natural and convincing results in most situations.

Unlock was designed with speed and quality in the forefront. Quickly browse to find the perfect elements with visual menus, dial-in level, pitch, and randomness as needed, audition 4 different mic options, utilize IR reverb to place your sound, then perform with speed, distance, door and handle controls to precisely match the on-screen action, all in a clear and intuitive single-panel interface.

Unlock is packed with doors of nearly every variety, from interior to exterior, residential to commercial, lockers, bureaus, cabinets, appliances including ovens, dishwashers, fridges, microwaves, car doors, shower doors, elevator doors, and so much more. Door and handle sounds have all been recorded separately, along with open and close motions, allowing for total control over the response. If that's not enough, users can import their own samples, opening Unlock's powerful engine for use with any sound at your disposal.

Unlock comes with 3 fully-customizable sub-layers allowing you to match the on-screen action perfectly. From all sorts of creaky hinges and rolling casters, to chain locks and glass windows, even other doors, you can layer, mix, and tweak your sound to create seamless realism for almost any performance. Explore categories such as air, bells, drag, doors, glass, handles, metal, sliding, rolling, and wood, or drag-and-drop your own material for even more flexibility.

Last but not least Unlock comes with a number of built-in effects, including 3-band EQ with low and high cut, compressor, and a convolution reverb with 46 impulse responses organized by room size, ranging from small offices and bathrooms up to large lobbies, fields, streets and forests. Use these effects to put the finishing touch on the shape, level, and environment of your sounds.

Unlock is a versatile and comprehensive solution for door foley design, providing a wide range of high-quality sounds in a convenient and easy to use package.

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