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UVI Tape Suite

The Definitive Analog Tape Effect Suite





The Sound of Analog Tape

  • 4 effect plugins including Delay, Flanger, Chorus, and Color
  • Fully parametric tape model provides unparalleled creative control
  • Meticulous simulation delivers powerful analog tape sound

The Definitive Analog Tape Effect Suite
With 4 custom-tailored effect plugins inspired by the charactered sounds of tape and tape-based effects, Tape Suite redefines the cutting-edge of analog tape modeling. Delay, Flanger, Chorus, and Color effects each provide deeply-tweakable palettes of sound, alive with the character of real analog tape.

Leveraging an advanced, fully-parametric physical model, Tape Suite gives you complete freedom to explore the sonic qualities of magnetic tape and tape transport, from pristine studio reel-to-reel machines to worn out cassette recorders, and all the sweet spots in-between, with the convenience and reliability of a modern plugin.

Analog Realism
Tape Suite began with the analysis of numerous hardware analog tape systems. Through meticulous study and experimentation, we developed our own innovative and physically-based tape model, providing a fully-parametric simulation with incredibly realistic sound, natural musicality, and abundant creative control.

Advanced Physical Modeling
Each of the effects in Tape Suite is built on top of the same exacting physical model, providing deep yet intuitive control over the analog simulation through 4 main sections; Tape Simulation, Compander, Playback Filtering, and Modulation.

Tape Simulation - A novel model of magnetization which faithfully reproduces a large range of magnetic materials, from very hard, with high magnetic susceptibility and high distortion, to very soft, with low magnetic susceptibility and low distortion, maintaining their magnetic resistance which acts as a highpass cutoff.

Compander - Includes 3 different models of the noise reduction encode and decode stages historically found in tape machines. The encoder emphasizes high frequencies while the decoder de-emphasizes them. Depending on the type, the compander can act dynamically, providing more emphasis at low levels while staying transparent at high levels. Encode/decode stages in Tape Suite can be decoupled, and mixed-and-matched for creative effect.

Playback Filtering - Modeling the characteristics of the tape playback head, explore physically-accurate control over speed, head distance-to-tape, head angle-to-tape, and width, to precisely alter the simulation's character.

Modulation - Altering the tape playback speed, detuning the sound and providing a "wow" effect at low frequencies and a “flutter” effect at mid frequencies. Random modulation can be added and channels can be unsynced, providing an instant stereo effect. Since the modulations are applied directly to the tape transport rather than the subsequent delayed signal, the resulting detune effect sounds profoundly natural.

4 Tape Effect Plugins
Tape Suite includes 4 discrete plugins, each building on a shared core, then extending it further with unique effect designs to provide exceptional hardware realism for a variety of use-cases, each with modern digital control and reliability.

  • Delay - Analog tape delay featuring 4 heads with individual pan which can be synced to host tempo with snap-to-grid in eights or triplets, a ping-pong mode with global stereo spread, and selectable feedback from any of the playback heads for creative delay possibilities.
  • Flanger - Analog tape flanger featuring through-zero flanging and control in manual or LFO modes (with possible sync to host), for a velvety, organic sound.
  • Chorus - Analog tape chorus providing up to 8 voices with adjustable stereo spread, resulting in buttery analog warmth and subtle to extreme effects.
  • Color - Analog tape color delivers the natural characteristics of tape, including an additional texture processor and convolver with impulse responses from a number of vintage devices. Delivers an impressive range of natural and supernatural sounds.

Performance Optimized
Tape Suite effects are optimized to provide outstanding performance, delivering pristine sound quality and authentic hardware response across the entire parameter range. Condensed complexity and expertly crafted simulations allow users to enjoy accurate real-time analog sound with the freedom of mind to explore and create.

Vintage Inspiration, Modern Features
With a high-degree of analog realism, Tape Suite offers numerous advantages over its hardware counterparts, including features such as compensated drive, feedback compensation, low-latency mode, tempo sync, grid-snapping, delay multiplication, and effect visualizations, combining to give you an innovative, modern effect suite that's as easy to use as it is powerful.

Analog Tape, Perfected
Enjoy the sound of analog tape like you've always wanted; powerful, portable, rich with detail, infinitely customizable, and effortlessly reliable - and unlock new worlds of analog-inspired inspiration and creativity, with Tape Suite.

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