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Synchro Arts VocAlign 6 Standard Crossgrade

The industry-standard for tight, natural vocal alignment




The entry-level version of Synchro Arts’ award-winning vocal time-alignment plugin is a workflow must-have for the everyday vocal producer.

Get tight vocals fast

The industry-standard plugin for aligning audio, VocAlign Standard takes two separate vocal performances and effortlessly aligns their timing instantly. Stop wasting time manually tightening vocals and achieve professional results quickly.

Aligned vocal stacks in seconds

Experience fast, accurate, and transparent vocal alignment. Save time in the studio with efficiency-boosting features like SmartAlign to quickly process vocal stacks, and use presets to achieve the perfect result in seconds. With VocAlign’s instantaneous processing, users save an average of 13 hours per month, allowing them to focus on more important tasks and meet deadlines effortlessly.

Tightness control for any scenario

Control the strength of your alignment to infuse your vocal production with your personal style. Maintain a natural sound in any vocal scenario or genre by dialing-in the tightness of your alignment with a simple knob.

Fast results, professional sound

VocAlign doesn’t compress or alter the source audio, leaving you with artifact-free results and a tighter sound compared to manual editing.

NEW! Enhanced Intuitive Interface

Enhanced functionality speeds up your workflow, and improved visuals add to your working session comfort

NEW! Pro Tools ARA Compatibility

Seamless integration with Pro Tools promises a lightning-fast workflow (coming soon!)

NEW! Arm Capture All

Capture multiple instances of vocal processing with a single click 

NEW! Undo / Redo

Make lightning-fast, on-the-fly changes to processing.


Intelligently understands where alignment should start and end across multiple clips

Alignment presets

Find your perfect alignment settings instantly and create your own 


Reimagined, enhanced interface
A redesigned user interface improves working-session comfort with dark-theme visuals, easier navigation, and better zoom/scrolling.

Pro Tools ARA compatibility
Capture multiple vocals simultaneously and transfer processed audio instantly back to Pro Tools. Audition your vocals with audio effects applied without needing to render.

Workflow boosts
Other improvements include Arm Capture All for non-ARA users, allowing simultaneous recording of multiple tracks, and Undo/Redo for easily dialing in your perfect alignment.

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