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Solid State Logic SSL G3 MultiBusComp

Multi-band compressor with classic SSL sound




SSL G3 MultiBusComp is a must-have tool for any audio professional looking to achieve the SSL sound in their mixes, delivering the classic SSL "glue" compression sound across 3 independently configurable frequency bands. With powerful sidechaining features, intuitive feedback and per-band harmonic drive options, the G3 MultiBusComp is the perfect solution for achieving polished and professional mixes and masters that has made SSL the industry standard for decades.

Key Features & Benefits 

Classic SSL "glue" compression 
With 3 bands of classic SSL "glue" compression, the G3 MultiBusComp delivers the same unparalleled sonic characteristics that SSL is known for, now frequency-dependent. Whether you're mixing, mastering, or working in post-production, the G3 MultiBusComp is the ultimate tool for achieving a professional sound. 

Parameter link 
The G3 MultiBusComp allows you to link parameters and apply quickly and easily inverse changes between the input/output gain or the threshold and makeup gains in each frequency band. Simply hit the ‘link’ icon or hold down the shift key. 

‘4K’ drive 
With the G3 MultiBusComp's per-band drive feature inspired by our ‘4K’ drive circuit, you can add warmth and character to your mix all while retaining dynamic control of your signal. 

Band graph view 
The band graph view provides an intuitive way to set your threshold and frequency crossovers, giving you greater control over your mix and allowing you to achieve the sound you want with precision and accuracy. 

Powerful sidechaining and filtering options 
The G3 MultiBusComp lets you customize your sidechain filters to accentuate or diminish response to certain frequencies. Unlink the sidechain filters from the band crossover and external sidechaining to drive the dynamics from a different frequency band, or a completely different signal entirely. 

You can use the mutually exclusive soloing on each band and each band's sidechain input to make informed decisions about your mix. This feature allows you to hear each band in isolation and fine-tune your settings to perfection. 

Resizable GUI 
The G3 MultiBusComp's resizable and high-resolution GUI lets you work the way you want, with a customizable user experience that can be adjusted from 50% to 200%. 

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