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Softube Bus Processor

A glue compressor to keep it all together




A luxurious-sounding bus compressor with saturation, sidechain, spatialization, and more
Provides musical glue for any bus, making your mix sound like a record
Use it as a native plug-in or in Console 1 Mixing System

We’ve received a lot of requests for a bus compressor over the years. Whether we would make one wasn’t up for debate. To make one that offers something extra for the modern producer, one that we would want to use ourselves, was essential.

It took some time, but with ultramodern algorithmic compression in a classic compressor style, saturation, sidechain, spatialization, and more, we think you will agree that some things are worth the wait. This is Bus Processor.

The Art of Rock & Roll Science
Our reputation for producing tools that improve workflow and offer the highest quality sound is rock solid—and long. We have forged strong partnerships with premium brands like Tube-Tech, Weiss, Chandler Limited, and Marshall. Partnerships that have lasted twenty years.

This is the legacy Bus Processor is built on. One of creativity, passion, and attention to detail. To create tools that innovate, you have to have heart, soul, and Rock & Roll Science.

Highly requested
The design of the Bus Processor compressor section draws on a classic, large-format console bus compressor from the 1980s. A unit that is still at the top of the industry to this day. This section gives you total control of super clean or musically-colored sound and gain reduction behavior. With it, you can go from ultra-transparent to smooth, luxe, rich sound that flawlessly fits your source. Control the behavior of the gain reduction with the sidechain section, and you can glue things together with sustained clarity.

More than expected
The compressor may be the hero, but Bus Processor is greater than the sum of its parts. Saturation that includes an emphasis filter and can be set pre- or post-compression. An advanced sidechain section for both the compression and saturation circuits. Spatialization with an air filter, stereo widening, a mono bass filter, and more take you beyond compression to full bus processing. For any bus. From routing folders and stem buses to the mix bus. With Bus Processor, you can skip piling on the plug-ins in favor of a sleek solution for smooth-sounding bus processing.

In short

  • A modern bus compressor and saturator that glues your mix together
  • Takes sounds from clean to colorful without the loss of clarity
  • Provides finish and polish even with conservative settings
  • For use on all bus processing—from stem buses to the mix bus
  • Featuring compression, saturation, sidechain, spatialization with an air filter, stereo widening, a mono bass filter, and more
  • Total control of complex processes and advanced features with an intuitive, easy-to-use layout
  • In Console 1, use the compressor in the compressor section and the saturator in the output drive section


  • Attack range from 0.1 ms - 30 ms
  • Release range from 100 ms - 1.2 s and added Auto mode (dual fast and slow release stage)
  • Expanded Ratio range from 1.3:1-10:1
  • Variable Stereo Link from full channel link to dual-mono
  • Sidechain Low-Cut from Off to 500 Hz and variable tilt filter
  • DAW Tempo sync of the Release from 16th - 1 bar
  • Wet/Dry blend
  • Added External Sidechain support


  • Two saturation modes
  • Added Emphasis/De-emphasis filters
  • Ability to change processing order to before Compressor
  • Sidechain with variable tilt filter
  • Wet/Dry blend


  • Fully variable boost of high frequencies in both Mid and Side channels
  • Width boosts or cut level of the Side channel
  • Mono Bass control from Off to 500 Hz
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