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Nomad Factory Magnetics v3

Versatile color tool - Tape Warmer


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MAGNETIC is a versatile color tool designed to add character and vibe to your tracks. Inspired by some of the most renowned tape machines, 

MAGNETIC transcends traditional boundaries, offering a wide array of nuances with just a few clicks.

MAGNETIC boasts a streamlined interface, featuring essential controls—such as Ten Tape Models, Tone Control, Tape Compression & Saturation, and Wow & Flutter—with straightforward adjustments. This design ensures a rapid and efficient user experience.

Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, MAGNETIC can serve as the "final touch" or the "massive touch" on your stems, master, or instruments, consistently delivering a richer, deeper, and fuller sound.

Beneath its simple exterior and improved circuitry, MAGNETIC has evolved into a highly complex tool, now fully capable of replicating the authentic feeling and analog harmonics of real tape machines.


  • Ten Tape Models: Choose from a variety of tape models to find your perfect sound.
  • Tone Control: Dial in your desired tone with precise adjustments.
  • Tape Compression & Saturation: Add warmth and body with authentic tape compression.
  • Wow & Flutter: Introduce vintage imperfections for a true analog feel.
  • Streamlined Interface: Efficient and easy to navigate for a fast, user-friendly experience.


  • Delivers both subtle enhancements and dramatic transformations.
  • Perfectly replicates the analog harmonics and vibe of real tape machines.


  • MAGNETIC 3 has been meticulously refined to deliver unparalleled sound quality and performance:
  • A redesigned user interface that is resizable and features two skins for optimal usability.
  • Enhanced DSP with optional oversampling for more efficient processing.
  • Full support for VST3 and Apple Silicon, ensuring compatibility with the latest audio production software and hardware.
  • Many more improvements

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