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Melda MDrumStrip

Get world-class drum sound in minutes




MDrumStrip is genuinely the only acoustic drum mixing plugin you will ever need! It gives you a quick and simple way to mix modern punchy drums with all instructions included. Minimal learning curve and no guessing game. MDrumStrip is specifically made for modern rock and metal, but it is suitable for other genres as well.

All-in-one solution for any drum mixing
MDrumStrip has been designed for one specific task and contains everything it needs to do. No need for several compression and EQ plugins reverbs etc. Just follow the instructions and do the mixing. Usually, only minimal tweaks are needed since it smartly analyses your audio and customises the internal algorithms for it. It's quick and easy. But MDrumStrip also contains lots of more advanced controls, just in case you want to go in-depth. With zero latency, you can even take MDrumStrip out and use it live.

Hidden know-how
We designed MDrumStrip with the complex know-how of how world-class producers do their job and made the plugin simple yet versatile. No need to learn all the know-how yourself. Isn't that what computers are for? Of course, if you already have dozens of audio plugins and you already have years of experience with mixing drums, you may mix the drums the way you have done so far. But why would you, if it could be easier, faster and perhaps even better sounding with MDrumStrip? 

Mix your drums quickly and easily within a few steps

1) Send all your drums to one bus and insert MDrumStrip (select the device Master)
2) Engage an instance of MDrumStrip on every drum channel and select the appropriate device (device Snare on snare drum etc.)
3) Solo your snare drum, analyze the sound by turning on the Auto Input for a few seconds.
4) Fine-tune by toggling the EQ frequencies.
5) Use XY pad to tweak the dynamics.
6) Use bleed kill and gate if necessary.
7) Repeat the process for bass drum, toms, hi-hat, overheads and rooms.
8) Create a tom bus channel and send all toms tracks to it. Load MDrumStrip (select Tom bus device). Hit Auto Input to analyze.
9) Now that individual drums are ready, switch to the drum master bus and hit the Auto Input button.
10) Create a parallel bus, load MDrumStrip (Parallel device) send all tracks to it and analyze.
11) Use the saved time to have some rest.

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