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IK Multimedia T-RackS TASCAM Porta One

Recording on the go




Recording on the go
TASCAM literally invented affordable and portable recording in 1979 with the super innovative TEAC 144, followed by the TASCAM 244. But actually, it was the TASCAM PORTA ONE that became the bestselling Portastudio ever and led to a revolution in home and mobile recording.

Able to run on batteries and with affordable cassette tapes, the PORTA ONE was literally the multi-track you could throw in a backpack, take anywhere and use to record. Now with the officially certified TASCAM PORTA ONE, you can tap into that free-spirited frame of mind and enjoy the sound that inspired some of history's greatest songs.

Intuitive, easy-to-use controls
The T-RackS TASCAM PORTA ONE honors the original's spirit with simplified controls to help you create just the sound you're looking for. You can adjust the bias and EQ of the record head, tweak the stereo channel's 2-band EQ and choose from 2 tape formulas for a selection of tape effects. In addition, we've included a number of presets and you can easily save your own.

To each its own sound
Today, the TASCAM PORTA ONE is used for “lo-fi” sounds, creative experiments and even for live performance. However, when using its "standard" settings, the PORTA ONE's sound is warm and clear, offering the sonic signature that made it so popular then and still today.

For the T-RackS TASCAM Tape collection, each machine was chosen specifically by TASCAM and TEAC themselves, recommending particularly sought-after models from their history and helping IK source the best-sounding units. Each machine then went through a complete restoration to bring them perfectly back “to spec” before the scientific modelling process started.

IK’s DSP engineering team then took each stage apart, analyzed them in-depth, and produced a model of the entire magnetic tape-recording process. This model works in symbiosis with a powerful dynamic convolution engine to capture the essence of the real machines, faithfully bringing the complete picture of these complex analog engineering marvels to the digital realm.

Cassette emulation
The TASCAM PORTA ONE offers a choice of 2 cassette tape formulations: Type I and Type II. The PORTA ONE is meant to be used with Type II cassettes and the sonic results of which are warm and pleasing. When using Type I however, you’ll instantly get some Lo-Fi vibes and you can experiment further using the different controls.

Comprehensive Controls
All TASCAM Tape Collection plug-ins share the same set of controls to enhance the ease of use and allow for quick A-B comparisons among them. 

  • Precise plug-in model based on the beloved TASCAM PORTA ONE cassette recorder
  • Combines convolution and physical modeling to capture every element of the signal chain
  • True stereo operation to simulate the effects of 2-channel tape
  • Works as AU, VST 2, VST 3 and AAX plug-in
  • Works inside the free T-RackS Shell for stand-alone mastering


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