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IK Multimedia T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip

Unique analog-modeled vocal channel strip




Bringing out the magic of every performance

Few mixers craft more attention-grabbing, engaging vocals than GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli. Having mixed everyone from Elton John to the White Stripes, Joe has perfected the techniques to enhance the emotional impact of each vocal performance.

Now Joe has partnered with IK Multimedia to offer you his unique vision and formula in the new T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip. This plug-in models Joe’s go-to chain of high-end analog outboard gear, custom signal flow and unique know-how to deliver an incredible level of control and character to your vocal tracks.

GRAMMY-winning vocal sound

Based at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood, California, world-class engineer/producer Joe Chiccarelli has developed a reputation for crafting impactful, emotional vocals that helped him earn 10 GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY awards.

It’s also made him sought after by such artists as U2, Beck, The Strokes, Juanes, The Killers, Morrissey, Tori Amos, The Shins, Alanis Morissette, The White Stripes, Jason Mraz, Cage the Elephant, Vance Joy, Spoon, The Raconteurs, Cafe Tacuba, and My Morning Jacket.

IK worked hand-in-hand with Joe to ensure T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip offers an exact recreation of the signal chain used by these top artists.

A formula for sonic success

T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip carefully recreates Joe’s 3 ideal compressors, modeled using IK’s industry-leading analog modeling and a brand-new parallel processing engine, all here in one streamlined plug-in. The compressors are:

  • MAIN: Not too aggressive, this compressor – modeled after a UREI 1176 – is Joe’s go-to for every vocal and the foundation of a great vocal sound.
  • RETRO: Modeled after a Fairchild 670, this compressor lets Joe dial in exactly the right amount of vintage warmth and weight to the vocal sound.
  • HEAVY: Tailored to Joe’s specifications, this unique mutant tube compressor is based on a UA 176 and Tube-Tech CL 1B and designed to add distinctive character and aggression.

With a dedicated Mute button on each compressor, you can mix-and-match by choosing to use one compressor, two or all 3, while IK’s newly-developed parallel processing engine allows the compressors to interact in a true-to-life manner that’s as inspiring as it is versatile.

Parallel compression for radio-ready emotion

Using a single compressor for vocal compression risks crushing its soul. That’s why Joe uses multiple compressors – by blending the uncompressed signal with each compressor in parallel he’s able to maintain the dynamics and passion of each vocal, while still achieving higher levels of compression and character.

It’s a delicate balance, but when done right the possibilities are endless. Explore Joe’s custom settings or experiment with your own to find the perfect setting for any vocal performance.

All Joe’s tools in one plug-in

In addition to this advanced 3-compressor parallel processing chain, T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip includes essential tools for further sculpting your vocal tracks to perfection.

The De-esser section provides optimized settings for male and female vocalists with a single control for adjusting the amount.

A Pultec-style EQ section works independently or in tandem with the 3 compressors featuring a Pre/Post switch for mids

The Effects section includes 2 each of Reverb, Delay and Modulation effects selected by Joe from IK’s latest algorithms.

The Output section offers a global Wet/Dry control, Drive for adding saturation and Color to adjust the Drive’s harmonics.

Massively flexible

The beauty of the approach lies in the fact that it’s highly effective for sculpting vocals to suit any style of music. Between the 3 compressors you can add focus, grit, warmth, weight, clarity – whatever vintage or modern sound best suits the mood and vibe of the music.

Take it from the master

T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip includes a wide variety of presets from Joe himself, saving you precious time and making it easy to get amazing results. Mix with them right out of the box or use them as springboards to develop your own custom presets. Along the way you’ll gain valuable insight into the mind of a mixing master and learn how he uses his signature signal chain to achieve specific results.

With T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip, it’s like having Joe by your side, helping you produce better recordings faster. Vocals no longer compete with instruments, but all work together to make each song a winner.

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