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Flux Immersive:: Essentials Bundle

The Ultimate Immersive Mixing Toolbox




The bundle contains : 

  • Elixir Essential (Bring Your Immersive Mix To Level)
  • Ircam Verb - Brings Acoustic Simulation To Your Immersive Mix
  • Ircam HEar - Binaural Encoding and Monitoring

The Immersive:: Essentials - NOW in 16 channels

For over a decade FLUX:: plugins has been available for multichannel surround audio production with up to eight channels of processing as standard. The Immersive:: Essentials plugin bundle provides three powerful processing tools for immersive mixing and content production, including support for Dolby Atmos workflows, meeting the requirements of a new exciting era in audio production – The Immersive Audio Revolution.

Elixir Essential - Bring Your Immersive Mix To Level
Multi Channel True Peak Limiter - Elixir Essential is based around the same ultra transparent algorithm as the legacy Elixir v3, meticulously designed with multistage processing in up to 4 stages to achieve a true natural sounding result preserving the natural timbre of the audio material, used by recording and mastering engineers for almost a decade now. Supporting up to 16 channels, conforming with the ITU-R and EBU loudness norms, makes Elixir Essential an indispensable tool for immersive audio productions including Dolby Atmos.

Ircam Verb - Bring Acoustic Simulation To Your Immersive Mix
Immersive Reverberation and Spatialization - Halfway between reverberation and a spatialization engine – The state-of-the-art in room acoustics simulation and reverberation, be it a simple Quad, an Ambisonics, or a Dolby Atmos deliverable, Ircam Verb brings together multichannel reverberation with spatialization, in up to 16 channels, to create realistic acoustic environments for your mix soundscape!

Ircam HEar - Binaural Encoding and Monitoring
Binaural HRTF Encoding and Monitoring tool - Ircam HEar provides faithful reproduction of a stereo mix or a full surround or immersive mix with up to 16 channels, supporting Dolby Atmos, with a pair of conventional stereo headphones. It relies on proven HRTF technology to model the various phenomena that occur when playing back audio material through a loudspeaker system.


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