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D16 Toraverb 2

Create a highly tweakable algorithmic reverb




Unique Sounding Space Modulated Algorithmic Reverb 

Toraverb 2 by D16 is a Space Modulated Reverb and the second generation of D16’s first FX plugin from the SilverLine Collection series. Toraverb is not inspired by any reverb device available on the market and does not try to reproduce any specific classic reverb type. D16's main goal was to create a highly tweakable algorithmic reverb that would sound pleasant to the listener no matter what situation it’s used in. The concept algorithm implemented in the unit allows users to create practically any type of reverb they wish. In Toraverb, a diffusing network of the highest possible quality based on modified all-pass filters has been applied. This eliminates any unwanted flutter and echo effects for every sound source.

Toraverb is equipped with two independent, single band, fully parametric equalizers with 3 available curve types for each. One is used to EQ early reflections and the other to EQ late reflections. This incredibly useful feature provides a lot of control over the character of the reverb, allowing it to achieve the most natural sound possible. Toraverb also has an additional modulation parameter. By changing the modulation, the sound of the reverb tail can be altered to give a more realistic effectof sound propagation. Modulation amount is controlled independently for early and late reflections. To give a better impression of physical space, an innovative spatial reflection algorithm was added to Toraverb. This allows cross-talk of reflected stereo waves between stereo channels.

Balance parameters have been added for both reflection types, working in L/R or M/S domains, expanding the palette of possibilities. Toraverb also features a built-in ducker, which compresses the wet reverb signal's amplitude in proportion to the loudness of the dry unprocessed input. Such a tool built into the plug-in is a real time-saver for any music producer or studio engineer as there is no need for any additional side-chain compression unit in the effects chain.


  • Most reverb plug-ins try to reproduce specific classic reverb types
  • Low quality reverb plug-ins do not sit well in a mix, with the reverb tail sounding as its been "ripped off"
  • Most reverb plug-ins are either inspired by hardware devices or just simply do not offer anything original.
  • Additional Side-chain compression would be necessary to compress the reverb signal in proportion to the dry signal.


  • A highly tweakable reverb which allows a user to create practically any type of reverb. 
  • Reverb tail alteration with use of additional modulation parameter, providing a more realistic sounding effect.
  • Not based on any hardware reverb device currently on the market. 
  • Built-in ducker, no need for additional side chain compression.  


  • High Quality diffusion network.
  • Pre-delay with optional tempo sync. NEW
  • Reverb Tail Modulation (with independent control for Early and Late reflections) NEW
  • Controllable Crosstalk of spatial reflections. NEW
  • Parametric EQ for Early and Late reflections (with 3 different curves each) NEW
  • Early and Late mixer (with stereo balance working in either L/R or M/S domains) NEW
  • Built-in Ducker. NEW
  • Adjustable FX crossfade characteristics. NEW
  • Tag based preset browser. NEW
  • Two alternative GUI sizes. NEW
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout. NEW
  • 64bit internal processing.
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