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Audified ToneSpot Express Bundle

Collection of five ToneSpot Express plug-ins




Mix faster than ever before!

The ToneSpot Express Bundle is the little sibling of the Pro Bundle. It features five preset-based mixing plug-ins created to make the mixing process easier and more fun than ever before. This bundle is packed with a great deal of processing power but without any need for detailed controls.

No more tweaking. With ToneSpot Express, plug-ins mixing has never been easier.

ToneSpot Express series is the little sibling of the Pro series. It features five preset-based mixing plug-ins created to make the mixing process easier and more fun than ever before. This bundle is packed with a great deal of processing power but without any need for detailed controls. The streamlined mixing method of the Express series also allows you to get to the sweet spot of your tone super-fast without sacrificing quality. Each plug-in includes our proprietary AGC (Automatic Gain Control).


ToneSpot Voice Express is the newest member of the series. It includes 90 presets which are capable of mixing everything no matter the style or genre. The preset categories are: Essential, Rap, Vocals, Speech, Special and they incorporate many tricks taken directly from the Pro version. Delay effects can be synced to the tempo of the project via the Sync button.

ToneSpot Acoustic Express includes striking 214 presets and it is probably the most universal plug-in from the Express series. Despite its primary focus being stringed acoustic instruments, you can use it to process virtually everything. Especially its Essential preset category which features many universal effects and EQ curves can be utilized to shape whatever instrument you need. Included effects are i.e. Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger or Tremolo and many of them can be synced to the project tempo, too.

Mixing drums can be a complicated task, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced professional. The great drum sound is dependable on many factors. ToneSpot Drum Express was created to help the starter and inspire the professional. Its 116 presets are divided into categories representing parts of the drum set. Choose whether you mix Kick, Snare, Toms, Overheads, Room or a Drum Bus and select preset you like. The plug-in includes Gate, too. You can use it in parallel and set the Threshold and Release knobs for the specific application.

Bass is the main glue of a good mix. ToneSpot Bass Express with its 134 presets is a great tool for mixing any style of live or synth bass lines. It keeps in mind different bass techniques as well as genre-specific effects. Among many others, it features presets based on Chorus, Flanger, Octaver, Auto-Wah, various types of Distortion and Saturation or i.e. Sub Bass Generator.

Many mixing engineers agree that electric guitars don't need a lot of processing in terms of mixing. ToneSpot Electric Express focuses on making your guitar tracks simply sounding better and bigger, or smaller if needed, no matter what the source material is. The plug-in includes 126 presets and they are mainly divided into Voicing categories inspired by the bigger Pro version. They consist of many different pre-set EQ curves, various effects and favorite moves engineers often use regarding electric guitars.

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