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AIR Music Tech Flavor Pro

The sound of 30 years of retro sampling for your daw




What’s Your Flavor?

Introducing Flavor Pro, AIR's brand-new flagship lo-fi multi-effects plugin, designed to manipulate samples, melodies, loops, and instruments to the extreme for today’s modern lo-fi sound. Flavor Pro transforms your effects experience into a whole new future/retro landscape.

At the heart of Flavor Pro ingredients are 6 powerful effects modules providing immersive Lo-Fi control with unlimited possibilities. Add instant effects such as Pitch Flutter, Tape Saturation, Tape Dropouts, Distortion, Drift to 12/8 Bit sampling, Vinyl rumble, hum, pops & crackle emulations. Whatever your music style, Flavor Pro’s powerful multi-effects layout allows instant vintage magic and manipulation on your production in a fast creative way.

Add “Wobble and Flutter” to your tracks, emulating the classic effect of vintage analog equipment like degraded tape machines and vinyl record players. With dedicated controls for Rate amount, Fast/Slow Speed, Drift, Stereo Width, X Modulation, Mix, and Vary Control.

Add the vintage magical sound of analog saturation warmth, noise, and distortion. With nine models including Tube, Speaker, Vinyl, and Synth emulations, plus HP/LP Filter, Mix, and Vary Controls.

Recreate the iconic lo-fi sound of vintage and classic old-school Akai MPC and S Series Samplers to VHS and cassette tapes. With dedicated bit crushing and sample rate reduction controls to color your sound. Also includes HP/LP Filter, Smooth, Glitch, Length, Envelope, Stereo and Vary Controls. The Flavor never stops!

Control the “true sound” and behavior of vinyl with accurate Crackle, Clicks, Pops, Hum, Rumble, and Noise emulations.

Emulate the behavior of Reel 2 Reel Tape adding dropouts and drift. With dedicated controls for Rate amount, Fast/Slow Speed, Drift, Dropouts, Stereo width, Mix, and Vary Control.

Add EQ color enhancements with 32 creative EQ profiles to shape your sound even further. From Lo-Fi Radio Resistors to 1930’s Gramophone and classic Boomboxes.

Control the overall amount of Flavor Pro’s effect across your sample groups and the main output channel. Enhance and create even more possibilities with the dedicated main output Hi-Pass and Low-Pass EQ Filters. Add stereo dimension, space, separation, and width to your productions along with main output gain control.

Taste the Flavor yourself and add new ingredients to spice up your beats and instrument plugins.

Product Features

  • Classic Vintage Sampling Emulations
  • Sample & Bit Rate Reduction
  • Distortion & Analog Saturation
  • Vinyl Noise, Clicks, Pops, Rumble, Hum
  • Tape Drift, Dropouts, Age
  • Vintage Tape Flutter, Wobble Movement
  • EQ Profiles
  • Tube Distortion, Resistors
  • HP/LP Filters
  • Variant Controls
  • Stereo Width Enhancements
  • Purchase unlocks Plugin on three devices: including PC, Mac (VST, AU, AAX) and Standalone (MPC & FORCE)


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