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Arturia Vox Continental V

Step back in time




The VOX Continental V is our latest vintage keyboard recreation, bringing back the classic sound of the famous VOX Continental 300. This classic organ was used on some of the most famous songs by the greatest bands of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond, the VOX Continental V will give you instant access to these hit making sounds and more.



The VOX Continental was originally created by the Jennings Musical Instrument (JMI) company in 1962. JMI had been in the organ business since the 50’s, mostly making home and church organs. There were a number of models all based on the Continental that were released with various feature differences. The Continental, Super Continental, Jaguar, Corinthian, Baroque and the 300 were the different models. The 300 was the most advanced with the equivalent of a Continental on the lower keyboard and an expanded Continental on the upper with different drawbars.


In about 1967 Tom Jennings was fired from his own company after a buyout. He then started up the Jennings Electronic Instruments (JEI) company and began making his own organs again. These organs were based on the Continental 300 but further expanded with more drawbars on the upper keyboard, and expanded percussion section, added Tremolo and spring reverb as well as some TONE presets.


The sound of the VOX organs caught on fast and they became a staple of the British invasion sound used by the Animals, The Beatles, The Zombies, and more. They also regained popularity in the 80’s new wave and ska movements and in the 90’s with the alt rock, psychedelic rock, and indie electronic genres.


The VOX was used heavily in the 60’s on classic songs such as The Animals “House of the Rising Sun”, The Doors “ Light my Fire”, Iron Buttterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and many more. In the late 70’s and early 80’s it gained prominence again in New Wave and the Two Tone 2nd wave ska movement with band like Madness and Elvis Costello.


The VOX has made a resurgence in the alt rock in the 90’ up until now with bands like Stereolab, the Horrors, Artic Monkeys, and Mondo Topless.


Still a classic and still in great demand the prices of VOX organs has recently gone through the roof and has put them out of the price range of most people. Until now that is.



We started by modeling the circuit designs of the classic and rare VOX Continential 300 dual manual organ and captured every nuance of the original down to the key contact timing and background noises. This gives you all the smooth mellow tones and that cutting hard tone that the VOX was known for.


We did not stop there however, we also acquired a rare Jennings J70, which Tom created after he left VOX. We then added a Jennings J70 mode to the voice engine. You don’t just get 1 rare organ but you get 2 ultra rare organs in one software.


As if this was not enough, we then added the Arturia flair and put in an EXPANDED mode that gives you a full compliment of drawbars on both the upper and lower manuals and added a third tone drawbar based on what we think a VOX would sound like with a SAW wave as a base tone. Now you can create sounds that have never been made before with the original organs. 


You get our TAE™ modeled circuitry of both the upper and lower manuals of the VOX that can be used via multiple MIDI controllers or with a single manual controller. The Bass section adds that rich low end. 



We included a number of effects that you can use to modify your sounds with. You get a collection of vintage stomp boxes that will distort, flange, delay and create all kinds of tones and textures to your sounds.


Feed the output either directly out or via a classic guitar amp or Leslie speaker. The guitar amp has multiple cabinet and mic models so that you can simulate a great number of sounds from a clean sound like the Monkey’s “I’m a Believer” to the aggressive sounds of Iron Butterfly’s “In-a-gadda-da-vida” and beyond.


We also have a convolution reverb that will give realistic reverb sounds based on a number of impulse responses from classic spring reverbs.



With the bass pedals and two keyboards you might be asking yourself, “how do I control this?”.

We added a set of panel switches that allow you fast and easy access to multiple play modes.Directly select the part you want by pressing UPPER, LOWER or BASS. Choose SPLIT mode and set up your split points in the preferences and play each part from one keyboard. You could also use it in MULTI mode which allows you to play each part by simply changing the transmit channel on your master keyboard or in your DAW. One cool trick is to assign the MIDI buttons to a controller and be able to change them in a live performance.



With over 190 presets you will find a wealth of classic VOX sounds as well as more experimental sounds and highly effected sounds.

The CLASSIC bank has sounds that will “light your fire” or make you cry “96 tears”. Play through this bank and you will say “I’m a believer”. Bad puns aside, this bank is full of sounds that mimic the classics and more.

We also have recreations of the factory settings in the FACTORY bank that were recommended in an original booklet for the VOX. Try the BIZARRE and FX banks for some more psychedelic types of things. Of course VOX V is designed so that you can easily alter these sounds or make your own sounds as well.



  • Dual manual VOX 300 emulation
  • Jennings J70 voice engine mode
  • Classic red/orange VOX skin or UK VOX/Jennings grey skin
  • Upper manual, lower manual and bass pedal sections
  • Complete MIDI mapping
  • Multiple output effects processors
  • Supports MIDI splits or independent channels per manual
  • Tight integration with Arturia Keylab MIDI Controller keyboards
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX and standalone versions.


  • Adds a full compliment of drawbars for each harmonic
  • Adds a new waveform drawbar on each section
  • Vibrato, tremolo, reverb, overdrive and more effects
  • Leslie™ and guitar amp simulator outputs
  • Expanded percussion section with short and long decay times

OPEN mode:

  • Allows for individual tuning of each pitch like a real VOX
  • Increase or decrease the key contact timing (simulates older key contacts)
  • Switch between the VOX 300 circuit emulation and the updated Jennings J70 engine.
  • Increase or decrease the background noise bleed that older VOX/Jennings have.
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